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Join Laura Waterman Wittstock as she talks with Larry Yazzie (Meskwaki/Dine) is an International Lecturer, Educator, Performer, and a World Champion Fancy Dancer. Raised on the Meskwaki Indian Settlement in Central Iowa, he began dancing at the age of 7. Throughout his childhood Larry was instructed on the traditions of the Meskwaki People, including the flamboyant and energetic fancy dance and the northern Plains style of singing.

Since the 1980s Larry has performed with several notable performance companies, including the Woodland Singers and Dancers, the Discover Native American Dance Troupe, Lakota Dance Troupe, Foxwoods Dance Troupe, and the Kevin Locke Trio.  While still continuing his successful solo show and duo show with his son Jessup, he formed his own company, the Native Pride Dancers in 2003.

The group educates and entertains audiences of all ages throughout the world on the beauty, skill, and majesty of American Indian music and dance. The Native Pride Dancers offer a variety of performance types, from solo to large ensemble productions designed for classrooms as well as theaters. Based in Savage, Minnesota, the Native Pride Dancers perform locally, regionally, and nationally.

Larry has performed throughout North America as well as South America and Europe. Notable performances include at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games, the 1999 Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg, Russia, and in 2005 at the Belo Horizante International Cultural Festival in Belo Horizante, Brazil. 



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Larry Yazzie - International Lecturer, Educator, Performer, and a World Champion Fancy Dancer, Meskwaki
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June 6, 2012

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