6/4/2012 Health Notes


NMT practitioners analyze and chart dysfunctional postural patterns to identify the underlying cause of your pain. This is a critical step, because the body often refers pain to a location other than the source of the problem. If a treatment focuses only on the symptom, the underlying cause will go untreated, as will your pain. This is what sets NMT apart from traditional massage therapy: NMT treats the cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms, resulting in lasting pain relief.

Once the cause of pain is identified, NMT follows a specific protocol for rehabilitation:

  1. Eliminate muscle spasm
  2. Restore flexibility
  3. Restore proper biomechanics
  4. Increase muscle strength
  5. Increase muscle endurance

This important conversation was an informative conversation that can change the way your body feels. 


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Dr. Kay Troan Bashford - Neuromuscular Therapy
Topics: How this important bodywork can change the way you experience your body and alleviate pain
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June 4, 2012

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