6/3/2012 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Nevesis - Seven Million Years
Album: Nevesis; Label: Unsigned
Candlemass - Black As Time
Album: Psalms for the Dead; Label: Napalm Records
Total Devastation - Moonlight Shoves
Album: Satama; Label: Playground Music Finland
Annihilator - Alison Hell
Album: Alice in Hell; Label: Roadrunner Records
Iron Maiden - Invaders
Album: The Number of the Beast; Label: EMI
Tragic Cause - Hail
Album: To Reign Supreme; Label: Human to Dust
Seance - Flight of The Wicked
Album: Awakening of the Gods; Label: Pulverised Records
Havok - Point Of No Return
Album: Point Of No Return EP; Label: Candlelight
Kreator - Civilization Collapse
Album: Phantom Antichrist; Label: Nuclear Blast
National Lampoon - Dial A Curse
Album: That's Not Funny, That's Sick; Label: RCA
Devin Townsend - Madd At My Dadd (Demo)
Album: Stuff That Was Stuff Before It Was Stuff; Label: Hevy Devy
Fear Factory - Depraved Mind Murder
Album: The Industrialist; Label: Candlelight
Dimension Zero - Helter Skelter
Album: Silent Night Fever; Label: Regain Records
Ticket To Hell - Metallic Overdose
Album: Operation Crash Course; Label: My Kingdom Music
Demonical - Black Inferno
Album: Death Infernal; Label: Cyclone Empire
Tenacious D - They Fucked Our Asses
Album: Rize Of The Fenix; Label: Columbia
Ministry - Ghouldiggers
Album: Relapse; Label: 13th Planet Records
Steve Vai - So Happy
Album: Flex-Able Leftovers; Label: Epic
Zombie Inc. - Challenge Of The Undead
Album: A Dreadful Decease; Label: Massacre Records
Judas Priest - Eat Me Alive
Album: Defenders Of The Faith; Label: Columbia
Tankard - Zombie Attack (Klaus Mix)
Album: Zombie Attack; Label: Noise Records
Death - Zombie Ritual
Album: Scream Bloody Gore; Label: Combat Records
Cannibal Accident - Zombie Holo - Acoustic
Album: Cannibal Accident; Label: Self-released/independent
Six Feet Under - Revenge Of the Zombie
Album: Warpath; Label: Metal Blade Records
Terrorizer - Hordes Of Zombies
Album: Hordes Of Zombies; Label: Season of Mist
Thrash Or Die - Zombie Assault
Album: Poser Holocaust; Label: Empingao Records
Mortician - Zombie Apocalypse
Album: Zombie Apocalypse; Label: Relapse Records
Deformed Elephant Surgery - Kindergarten Zombie Infection
Album: Cosmic Sphere of The Dying; Label: Self Released
Cock And Ball Torture - Zombie Squad
Album: Where Girls Learn To Piss On Command; Label: Stuhlgang Records
Whourkr - Arithmetic Punishment
Album: 4247 Snare Drums; Label: Ad Noiseam
Gore Inhaler - Asshole Piece
Album: Welcome To Zombieland; Label: Coyote Records
False Pregnancy - The Fuck Up
Album: Dance Your Meat Off; Label: Unsigned
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition - Part Of Happiness
Album: Sheep'n'Guns; Label: Self-released/independent
Ribspreader - Maggots (Fucking Maggots)
Album: Congregating The Sick; Label: Karmageddon Media
Amon - Spat Forth From The Darkness
Album: Liar In Wait; Label: Self-released/independent
Abnormality - Schismatic
Album: Contaminating The Hive Mind; Label: Sevared Records
Recrucide - Blood Divine
Album: Blood Divide; Label: Australis Records
Buffalo Grillz - Sermonet A Chainsaw Massacre
Album: Manzo Criminale; Label: Subsound Records.
Emptiness - Dissolution
Album: Error; Label: Dark Descent Records
Gloom - End Of The Wicked
Album: Bless You All; Label: Cristal Eyes
Marduk - Mammon
Album: Serpent Sermon; Label: Century Media
Teratism - Necrofuge
Album: Via Negativa; Label: Negativity Records
Sectorial - Too Much
Album: Erase and Reborn the Humanity; Label: Metal Scrap Records
Setherial - Celestial Remains Of The Cosmic Creation
Album: Ekyprosis; Label: Regain Records
Carach Angren - Lingering In An Imprint Haunt
Album: Where The Corpses Sink Forever; Label: Season of Mist
Devilish Impressions - The Scream Of Lambs
Album: Simulcra; Label: Icaros Records
Sectu - Court of The Sloths
Album: Gerra; Label: ViciSolum Productions
Ne Obliviscaris - Forget Not
Album: Portal of I; Label: Code666 Records
John Zorn - Templi Secretum
Album: Templars-In Sacred Blood; Label: Tzadik
Hung - Progeny
Album: Hung; Label: ReThink Records
Necro Deathmort - Insecto
Album: The Colonial Script; Label: Distraction Records
Melvins - Baby, Won't You Weird Me Out
Album: Freak Pukes; Label: Ipecac Recordings
Rush - Headlong Flight
Album: Headlong Flight (single); Label: Roadrunner Records
Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Yellowstone Memorial Day
Album: Lost In The New Real ; Label: Inside Out Music
Alamaailman Vasarat - Norsuvaljakko
Album: Valta; Label: Laskeuma Records
Scorpions - I'm Goin Mad
Album: Lonesome Crow; Label: Hip-O Records
Hannibal Montana - Sleeping Abe Lincoln, The Only Shark in the Jungle
Album: Martial Arts In Time of Firearms; Label: Unsigned
O.S.I. - Wind Won't Howl
Album: Fire Make Thunder; Label: Metal Blade/Burning Shed
65 Days of Static - Space Montage
Album: Silent Running; Label: Unsigned
Steven Wilson - Sectarian
Album: Grace for Drowning; Label: kscope
Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion
Album: Storm Corrosion; Label: Roadrunner Records
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga
Album: Live Happenings - Part V; Label: Self Released
Air Date: 
June 3, 2012

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