10/5/2007 MN Soundtrack


10/6/07 Pledge Drive

**Estate/Fortis Ride/The Vacation/

**Dark Dark Dark/Dark Dark Dark/Spontaneeous Festival/

**Roma Di Luna/The DEvil Walks/Find Your Way Home/

**Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats/Four F Ferninand/Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats/Self released

**Ladyslipper/Tinnitus/The Time, Not the Weather/Say Rah

**Best Friends Forever/Handpocket/

Death To Our Enemies/Secret Handshake/Self titled/Learning Curve Records

No Apparent Reason/Night Without The Day/Sex Knocks Down The Door/Crystal Vision Records

Ice Palace/ /Bright Leaf Left/Speaker Phone Records

** Carnage/Bring the Soul Back/Sense of Sound/Hecatomb

Bokka B Feat. Eydea/Quality Programming F. Eydea/Basementality

**Toki Wright/Kyendi Kyendi with Sylvester and Abrams

Run Westy Run/Holy Cow/Self Titled/SST Records

**Jan/Juliet Was The Sun/Self Titled/Guilt Ridden Pop

Machinery Hill/Tools/Flour/Touch and Go

**Digitata/2 Daggers/2 Daggers/Totally GNP

Omaur Bliss/Summa Time/

Information Society/Running

Playlist Tracks: 
Air Date: 
October 5, 2007

The Minnesota Sound Archives