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Me And My Arrow

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And an interview with Kurt Vatland and his band "La Madness"

Me And My Arrow stopped by for a quick set on their way to a gig at CAUSE this evening.

"Me And My Arrow is a group with much potential, using big soaring vocals, heavy strings and layers of guitar and percussion that may bring to mind other large groups like Arcade Fire (in scale, and big sound) yet darker, more psychedelic remniscent of: Pink Floyd, maybe Sonic Youth, a little bit Velvet Underground."
- Cyn Collins, Twin Cities Freelance Arts and Culture Writer AND KFAI Program Host.

Also on our 101st show we interviewed Kurt Vatland and his band "La Madness".  They talked about their upcoming gigs, played their newest release and played some of their influences including The Doors and Blind Melon.

We also played two "Previously" segments, the first one with "The Vibro Champs", possibly their last performance ever. (?)  We finished out the show with an acoustic segment with Haley Bonar.  (We scooped TPT2 by ONE DAY on this performance.)  For the video of that segment click "here":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL9PyXO6CwM&feature=plcp

Extra added attraction:  MJ Gilmore interviewed our own Cher Dial, World Exposure Correspondent.

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