5/30/2012 Dart Gun Radio

Playlist Tracks: 
halo of flies - how does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Creation - how does it feel to feel
Album: Our music is…; Label: Diablo Records
Urban Junior - 2 headed Demon
Album: 2 headed Demon; Label: Voodoo
Bauhaus - Muscle in Plasic
Album: Mask; Label: beggers Banquet
The Go-Go's - the Whole World Lost its head
Album: Return to the valley; Label: IRS
Gorillaz - Fire coming out of the Monkey's
Album: Demon Days; Label: Virgin
Nancy Sinatra - Band Band
Album: How does that garage…; Label: Orchard
Hammerhead - MUNE
Album: V/A Amphetamine Reptule Equipped; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
the Hawks - No Exercise
Album: Pushover; Label: Learning Curve
Mission of Burma - Nancy Reagan's Head
Album: the Oblitterati; Label: Matador
Naked Raygun - Hammer Head
Album: Jettison; Label: Touch and GO
the Ramones - sleeping troubles
Album: Pleasant Dreams; Label: sire
Pursuit of Happiness - I'm an Adult now
Album: Love Junk; Label: Chrysalis
Jesus and Mary Chain - Half Way to Crazy
Album: Automatic; Label: Touch and GO
Paulene - My old man played on the radio
Album: Paulene; Label: self released
Dylan Hears a Who - Green Eggs and Ham
Album: Dylan hears a who; Label: self released
Plasmatics - MASTERPLAN
Album: beyond the valley of 1984; Label: stiff
Plasmatics - No class
Album: beyond the valley of 1984; Label: stiff
Crisis - working out the Graves
Album: Deathshead Extermination; Label: metal blade
wipers - Just a Dream away
Album: the best of the wipers; Label: restless
the means - Mai mai
Album: Community horse; Label: reptilian
the adicts - Shake Rattle band your head
Album: sound of music; Label: Razor Records
the Rolling Stones - Come On
Album: More hot Rocks; Label: decca
the Rolling Stones - Mother's little helper
Album: Hot Rocks 1964 - 19..; Label: decca
Frank Black - Headache
Album: 93-03; Label: cooking vinyl
KARP - Spelling troubles
Album: KARP; Label: k records
Bullhead - Hit me up until it doesn't hurt
Album: unreleased ep; Label: un-released
Camper van Beetoven - take the skin heads bowling
Album: Vantigues; Label: cooking vinyl
Arsenal - whenheads colide
Album: Factory smog is a …; Label: Man's ruin
the Hawks - TANKED
Album: Pushover; Label: Learning Curve
Electric Eel Shock - Rock and roll kills the blues
Album: BEAT ME; Label: Gearhead
the Scientist - when fate deals it's mortal blow
Album: sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
May 30, 2012

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