5/23/2012 Echo Chamber


Tonight the Echo Chamber presented part 2 of “Around the World in 20+ Dubs”, the 6th annual special which originally aired on Echo Beach on 4/27 (WLUW-FM, Chicago). Once again Dr. StrangeDub joined the TurnTableTerrorist (Terry C) for the dubwise journey. But, before embarking on ATWD #6, the good doctor filled the first hour with some excellent new releases including: Tara Putra (the new In Dubland); the new “Survive” release from Garrison Hawk (with Sly & Robbie) on Bill Laswell’s M.O.D. Technologies label; the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars’ new “Radio Salone” (on Cumbancha); and the Nazarenes' excellent new Meditation (on I Grade).

Playlist Tracks: 
*Tara Putra - Channel Dub Sumatra
Album: In Dubland; Label: Gliese 581C
*Garrison Hawk (ft. Sly & Robbie) - What She Wants
Album: Survive; Label: M.O.D. Technologies
Dubblestandart (ft. Lee Perry) - Blackboard Jungle Dub (Subatomic Sound Remix)
Album: Return from Planet Dub; Label: Collision
The Upsetters - Drum Rock
Album: 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle; Label: Auralux
*Vibronics meets Blackboard Jungle - Love and Pray (ft. Anthony John)
Album: The French Connection; Label: Hammerbass
*Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Big Fat Dog
Album: Radio Salone; Label: Cumbancha
*Jah Billa meets Paata - Secret Dub
Album: N/A; Label: soundcloud.com
*Robert Ziino - Einstein Never Danced to Disco
Album: A Perfectly Futile Gesture; Label: experimentalartists.com
Yabass Yabba Radics - Chicken Merry Hawk Near Dub
Album: Guns Down the Obeah at OK Corral Centrale; Label: Springline
Roots Nation - Temperature's Dubbin'
Album: Temperature's Risin'; Label: Rare Roots
*Nazarenes - Everlasting
Album: Meditation; Label: I Grade
Lee Perry - Bury the Razor
Album: Born in the Sky; Label: Motion
Anthony B/Subatomic Sound System - Dem Can't Stop We from Talk (Nate Mars Remix)
Album: Dem Can't Stop We from Talk; Label: Subatomic/Nomadic Wax
Anthony B/Subatomic Sound System - Dem Can't Stop We from Talk (NYC-2-Africa Instrumental)
Album: Dem Can't Stop We from Talk; Label: Subatomic/Nomadic Wax
Divination - Baraka [excerpt]
Album: Dead Slow; Label: Subharmonic
Jiang Liang/IBX92 - Around the World in Dub
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
**** Around the World in 20+ Dubs Special - Part 2 **** - .
Album: .; Label: .
EGYPT (Italy): The Spy from Cairo - Alladin Dub
Album: Arabdub; Label: Upcoming release on Wonderwheel Recordings
EGYPT (Italy, England, France, Tunisia): Diaspora - Elhem 1 (ft. Amina Annabi)
Album: Diaspora; Label: Green Queen
INDIA (France): Uptown Rebel - Indian Dub
Album: Enter the Arena; Label: FDR Net label
SOUTH AFRICA: 7Ft Soundsystem - Haile Unlikely Dub
Album: Northern Faction 5; Label: Balanced
AUSTRALIA: Trevor “The Technician” McKenzie - Praise Dub
Album: Upcoming release; Label: self release
ATW Flachback 2010: THAILAND: Ga-Pi - Return to the Dub Kitchen
Album: Return to the Dub Kitchen; Label: Hua Lampong Riddim Records
ATW Flashback 2011: COLUMBIA: Born In Dub - Cumbia Town
Album: N/A; Label: self release
URUGUAY: Dub Rifles - Dr. Benway A Cirugia
Album: Profesion Medica Part 1; Label: Ape.Choons
ARGENTINA: Dubsalon - Come And Ride
Album: Musical Roots Initiative; Label: Sound Patrol
BRAZIL: Strikkly Vikkly - Type A Stepper
Album: unreleased Victor Rice production; Label: unreleased
CHILE: Gondwana - Sentimiento Original
Album: This is Crucial Reggae: Gondwana; Label: Sanctuary
****** End of mix ********* - .
Album: .; Label: .
Ecozone - Bosque Tropical
Album: Ecozone; Label: Dan Dada
Ecozone - Wallacea
Album: Ecozone; Label: Dan Dada
Mutant Frogs - Cassini at Titan
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Mutant Frogs - Echo Chamber
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - World Ska Beach
Album: Sunny Side of the Street; Label: Avex
the neyBuzz - La Invasion Fantasma
Album: Rebellion; Label: theneybuzz.com
Koomer & Burns - Hawaiian Death Dub
Album: Four Boy One Girl Action 12"; Label: Exploding Plastic Inevitable
The Disciples - Talking Drum
Album: Timbuktu EP; Label: Cup of Tea
Prince Fatty - Milk and Honey in my Dub
Album: Survival of the Fattest; Label: Rasa
Prince Fatty - The Death of Hercules (excerpt) (ft. Mutant Hi-Fi)
Album: Survival of the Fattest; Label: Rasa
Air Date: 
May 23, 2012