10/3/2007 Echo Chamber


Tonight Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss embarked on a Magic Dub Carpet Ride from Cairo to Casablanca...from New Delhi to Morocco and Tunisia. A definite departure for the doctors of dub as we left Jamaica behind for a week (for the most part) and put together a Middle Eastern musical journey. The artists that accompanied us on our magic carpet ride included Natacha Atlas, Sussan Deyhim Richard Horowitz, Ali Akbar Khan, Jai Uttal, Sultans of String, Vox, Azam Ali, Atlas Soul, Steve Shehan Youssef el Idrissi, Bill Laswell, Hamza el Din, Ravi Shankar, Autorickshaw, Cheb i Sabbah, Peter Gabriel friends, MPath, Zohar, Musafir, Fedayi Pacha, Abed Azrie, Thievery Corp./Nickodemus, Dust Galaxy, Ali Omar, Bud Alzir, Hassan Erraji, Anoushka Shankar Karsh Kale, Charles Lloyd, Zakir Hussain Eric Harland, and Bombay Dub Orchestra. Oh yeah, Swiss also played Sinead O'Connor (as the album was a pledge premium), Toots the Maytals (as they were coming to town), and the Nutty Boys track Magic Carpet. It was a very fun, dubby magic carpet ride indeed.

Playlist Tracks: 
Jai Uttal - Madgoub (feat. Don Cherry)
Album: Hookah Cafe; Label: Triloka
Hamza el Din - Anesign
Album: Hookah Cafe; Label: Triloka
Azam Ali - Spring Arrives
Album: Elysium Remixes; Label: Six Degrees
Bud Alzir - Morocco
Album: Macro Dub Infection; Label: Virgin
Natacha Atlas - Daymalhum
Album: Something Dangerous; Label: Mantra/Beggars Banquet
Cheb i Sabbah - Esh 'Dani, Alash Mshit
Album: Travelor 06; Label: Six Degrees
Bill Laswell - Akapana
Album: Sacred System - Chapter 2; Label: ROIR
Paul Bowles - Voyage en Egypte
Album: Baptism of Solitide; Label: Meta
Autorickshaw - Night in Tunisia
Album: Four Higher; Label: Factor
Musafir - Moria Badnawa
Album: Dhola Maru; Label: Sounds True
Steve Shehan Youssef el Idrissi - Mektabi
Album: Hookah Cafe; Label: Triloka
Zohar - Ehad
Album: Hookah Cafe; Label: Triloka
Peter Gabriel friends - The Feeling Begins
Album: Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ; Label: Geffen
*Thievery Corp./Nickodemus - Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus remix)
Album: Supreme Illusion [12]; Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge
Atlas Soul - L'amour En Banlieue (love in the Suburbs)
Album: Mabrouka; Label: Cosmos Music Productions
Abed Azrie - Like Water
Album: Trance Planet V.3; Label: Triloka
Ali Akbar Khan - Guru Bandana
Album: Trance Planet V.3; Label: Triloka
Sultans of String - El-Kahira
Album: Luna; Label: Factor
MPath - Sahaj
Album: Wanderer; Label: Artemis Records
Sussan Deyhim Richard Horowitz - Majoun
Album: Majoun; Label: Sony
Fedayi Pacha - Space Bedouin
Album: The 99 Names of Dub; Label: Hammerbass
*Dust Galaxy - Rivers of Ever Changng Forms (Up, Bustle, out remix)
Album: Mother of Illusion [EP]; Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge
Ali Omar - Keep On the Grass
Album: Arabian Nights; Label: Hashish Studios
Hassan Erraji - Hammouda
Album: Trance Planet V.1; Label: Triloka
Vox (feat. Fadid El-Hage) - While the Birds Sing
Album: Trance Planet V.1; Label: Triloka
*Mutant Frogs - Portal
Album: It's One Of Ours [forthcoming]; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Anoushka Shankar Karsh Kale - Oceanic pts. 1 2
Album: Breathing Under Wate; Label: Manhattan/EMI
Ravi Shankar - Twilight Mood
Album: The Ravi Shankar Collection - East Meets West - The Historic Shankar-(Yehudi) Menuhin Sessions; Label: Angel
Charles Lloyd, Zakir Hussain Eric Harland - Sangam
Album: Sangam; Label: ECM
Nutty Boys - Magic Carpet
Album: Crunch; Label: Dojo
Sinead O'Connor - Curly Locks
Album: Throw Down Your Arms; Label: That's Why There's Chocolate and Vanilla
Bombay Dub Orchestra - To the Shore
Album: Bombay Dub Orchestra; Label: Six Degrees
Toots the Maytals - Sailing On
Album: Anthology 1964 to 2000; Label: Trojan
Toots the Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number
Album: Anthology 1964 to 2000; Label: Trojan
Air Date: 
October 3, 2007