9/28/2007 Radio Rumpus Room


*So where's the gosh-darn archive?*

The primary computer that archives KFAI's programs went haywire early Friday evening and so, unfortunately, no archive of this show exists. We had a great show with interview and live performances by Minneapolis power pop band Skeleton Ed, and a visit by Keith Patterson (the Spectors, the Conquerors, the Funseekers, et al) as well.

Thankfully staff was able to provide for steaming all the tracks we played on the show, which had been recorded live in the KFAI studios the night before.

_The Spectors, Skeleton Ed, the Loose Rails and the Beatifics will be performing in the 7th Street Entry this Thursday, Oct. 4._

*You can hear our live Skeleton Ed tracks right here:*

1971 (Stream):http://helix.kfai.org/ramgen/replay/LivePerformances/1971_skeletoned.rm
Chords of Love (Stream):http://helix.kfai.org/ramgen/replay/LivePerformances/chords_of_love_skel...
Good Girls (Stream):http://helix.kfai.org/ramgen/replay/LivePerformances/good_girls_skeleton...
Message to Judy (Stream):http://helix.kfai.org/ramgen/replay/LivePerformances/judy_skeletoned.rm

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: Augie Garcia Quintet - Ivy League Baby
Album: v/a Twin Town Bop; Label: Thanks to Doc Rock!
The Chiffons - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind)
Album: v/a One Kiss Can Lead To Another box; Label: Rhino
Faine Jaide - It Ain't True
Album: v/a A Journey To Tyme, Vols. 1 2; Label: Past Present
The Gore Gore Girls - Where Evil Grows
Album: Get The Gore; Label: Bloodshot
Les Prostiputes - Je Veux Danser Avec Toi
Album: Sexe En Stereo; Label: Mega Fiable
The Clean - Billy Two
Album: Compilation; Label: Flying Nun
Chris Farlowe - Everyone Makes A Mistake
Album: v/a Immediate Mod Box Set; Label: Castle
--------------- -
Album: ; Label:
Interview with Skeleton Ed -
Album: ; Label:
Skeleton Ed - Good Girls
Album: recorded live in KFAI studio; Label:
Skeleton Ed - 1971
Album: recorded live in KFAI studio; Label:
Skeleton Ed - Message To Judy
Album: recorded live in KFAI studio; Label:
Skeleton Ed - Chords Of Love
Album: recorded live in KFAI studio; Label:
--------------- -
Album: ; Label:
The Loose Rails - Stop The World
Album: Red Turns To Green; Label: Crackpot
--------------- -
Album: ; Label:
Interview with Keith Patterson (Spectors, Conquerors, Funseekters, et al) -
Album: ; Label:
The Spectors - Private Dick
Album: Beat Is Murder; Label: Get Hip
The Madmen - Rambler
Album: CD-R; Label: The flip side of Alfred E. Goes Surfin'. Thanks, Keith!
Air Date: 
September 28, 2007

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