9/28/2007 MN Soundtrack


** = new stuff.

Playlist Tracks: 
**The Straight A's - Track 3
Album: Demo; Label: S/R
**Kill The Vultures - Where The Cutthroats Stay
Album: Minight Pine; Label:
**Vampire Hands - Stunning Blonde
Album: Virgin Dust American Lips; Label: Freedom From
**The Vignettes - Sugar Booger
Album: In The Basement; Label: S/R
Coach Said Not To - Any Yet Still
Album: ; Label:
**Ghost In The Water - How To Draw A Ghost
Album: Upcoming LP; Label:
Baby Guts - Sea Salt Wax
Album: Gasoline; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Melismatics - Rite Where You Belong
Album: New Infection; Label: Susstone
Ol' Yeller - You Can Laugh
Album: Good Luck; Label: SMA
**Best Friends Forever - Handpocket
Album: Romance Conflict Adventure; Label: Planit-X
A Night In The Box - Conductor Man
Album: The Prayer, The Thief, The Hustler; Label: Afternoon
Chooglin' - Do It-To It
Album: Choogllin'; Label: S/R
The Blind Shake - Calling All Horses
Album: Rizzograph; Label: Learning Curve
Birthday Suits - Slowly Motion
Album: Cherry Blue; Label: Nice and Neat
MC/VL - Land of the Breaks
Album: Stance; Label: S/R
Estate - You Let Her Know
Album: Estate; Label: S/R
Murzik - Bluebirds
Album: Murzik; Label: S/R
Omaur Bliss - Summatime
Album: ; Label:
**Thunder In The Valley - 94 In Reverse
Album: Where Oh Where Oh Where; Label: Ragged But RIght
Suicide Commandos - Mosquito Crucifixion
Album: Make A Record; Label:
FELT - Employees of the Year
Album: Felt: Vol 2, A Tribute to Lisa Bonet; Label: Rhymesayers
Booka B - Quality Programming featuring Eyedea
Album: ; Label:
**Little Man - Child's Eye
Album: Twin Town High Vol.9; Label:
Ice Palace - Nuance and Spark
Album: Bright Leaf; Label: Speaker Phone
MN Soundtrack - outro.
Album: KFAI; Label: KFAI
Air Date: 
September 28, 2007

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