9/24/2007 Health Notes


*Trust and Believe that Divine energy helps and heals. (Bruno Groening)*

The great number of healings that occur are documented in accordance with clinical anemneses. The MWF (the German name for the Medical Scientific Group (MWF) is Medizinisch-Wissenschaftliche Fachgruppe and the initials MWF are standard for all languages) in the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, a forum of several thousand doctors and other professionals associated with healing, checks the reports and when possible, compiles documentations with medical comments based on the findings of independent doctors.

Everybody is free to consult a doctor in addition to receiving healing on the spiritual path. In his lifetime, Bruno Groening welcomed a collaboration with doctors. However, in accordance with the way he worked, there are no medical consultations, examinations or treatments in the Circle of Friends.

Affiliation to the Circle is voluntary and free of charge. There are also no national, ideological or confessional ties. All activities are free of charge. Costs are met by voluntary donations.

Please consult our internet pages for further information. If anything strikes you as being too new, or too unusual, check it out without prejudice. According to Bruno Groening this is the only way you will discover the truth:

Do not be credulous. Convince yourselves.

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September 24, 2007

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