9/20/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show


*Atila the Hun* : The Strike
*Hutchison, Frank* : Miner's Blues
*Estes, Sleepy John* : Working Man Blues
*McShann, Jay his Orchestra* : Hard Working Man Blues
*Schwartz, Abe* : National Hora
*Aiken County String Band* : High Sheriff
*Alabama Sacred Harp Singers* : Heavenly Vision
*Rachel, Yank* : Hobo Blues
*Guthrie, Woody* : I Ain't Got No Home
*Guthrie, Woody* : Tom Joad, Part 1
*Guthrie, Woody* : Tom Joad, Part 2
*Weems String Band* : Rickett's Hornpipe
*Ory's Sunshine Orchestra* : Ory's Creole Trombone
*Original Dixieland Jazz Band* : Tiger Rag
*Old Southern Jug Band* : Mammy O' Mine
*McCollum, Mother* : When I Take My Vacation in Heaven
*Mississippi Moaner* : It's Cold In China
*Hurt, Mississippi John* : Candy Man Blues
*Wallace, Minnie* : The Old Folks Started It
*Brown, Milton his Musical Brownies* : Goofus
*Memphis Sheiks* : He's In the Jailhouse Now
*McIntorsh Edwards* : The 1927 Flood
*Delaney, Mattie* : Talahatchie River Blues
*Martin, Carl* : High Water Flood Blues
*Van Ronk, Dave* : Losers
*Muldaur, Geoff* : Some of These Days (I'll Be Gone)
*Neil, Fred* : Little Bit of Rain
*Cook, Judy* : Tenting Tonight
*Hull, Dakota Dave* : Bigtop Waltz

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September 20, 2007

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