2/26/2012 Root Of All Evil


Playlist Tracks: 
Terrorizer - Ignoring And Apathy
Album: Hordes Of Zombies; Label: Season Of Mist
Terrorizer - Subterfuge
Album: Hordes Of Zombies; Label: Season Of Mist
Terrorizer - A Dying Breed
Album: Hordes Of Zombies; Label: Season Of Mist
No Return - The True Way
Album: Self Mutilaton; Label: Listenable
Goatwhore - Ebodiment Of This Chaos
Album: Blood For The Master; Label: Metal Blade
King's Evil - Trace of Insanity
Album: Sacrosanct; Label: Worldchaos Productions
Demiricous - Repentagram
Album: One (Hellboundf); Label: Metal Blade
Blood Red Throne - Ravenous War Machine
Album: Monument Of Death; Label: Hammerheart
Sodom - Blasphemer
Album: Obsessed By Cruelty; Label: Steamhammer
Exegutor - Legalize the Napalm
Album: Cure For Dull; Label: Unsigned
Deicide - Conviction
Album: To Hell with God; Label: Century Media
Napalm Death - A Gag Reflex
Album: Utilitarian; Label: Century Medai
Asphyx - Into The Timewaste
Album: Deathhammer; Label: Century Media
Vastum - Umbra Intenae
Album: Carnal Law; Label: Deific Mourning
Saccage - Motorcrust
Album: Death Crust Satanique; Label: Croquemort Productions
Deformed Elephant Surgery - Gluttonous Lessions of the Uncanny
Album: Frogs Can't Turn Into Airplanes; Label: Unsigned
Andromorphus Rexalia - Hidden Parallel Universe
Album: Phylum Morph-Apokalupsis; Label: Severed
Centurian - Let Us Bleed
Album: Choronzonic Chaos Gods; Label: Full Moon
The Meatmen - Men, Meat & Fire
Album: Milwaukee Metal Music Mania 1995; Label: Mike Hunt
Devilyn - The Rule
Album: Anger; Label: Listenable
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Sir Rapes Alot
Album: Hot Lunch; Label: Unsigned
Subsanity - Convulsing Discharge Of Insanity
Album: Post Apocalyptic Doom Attack; Label: Self Released
Epicedium - Chainsaw Ripper
Album: Anthropogenic; Label: Rising Nemesis Records
Sabbat - Possessed Hammer
Album: ...To Praise the Sabbatical Queen; Label: Pegasus Records
Chthonic - Painkiller
Album: Painkiller (Single); Label: Spinefarm Records
X Japan - Jade
Album: JADE (Single); Label: EMI
Liv Moon - Datenshino Emi
Album: Datenshino Emi (Fallen Angel's Smile); Label: Victor Enterntainment
Galneyrus - Future Never Dies
Album: Phoenix Rises; Label: VAP
Undead Corporation - Magus Night Fever
Album: Silent World; Label: Independent
Krypteria - Ignition
Album: My Fatal Kiss; Label: Roadrunner Records
The Last Successor - Release
Album: Mo Yi; Label: Mymusic
Dir En Grey - Obscure
Album: Vulgar; Label: Firewall
Oathean - Those Who Curse
Album: Oathean; Label: Jusin Production
Oathean - Oathean
Album: Oathean; Label: Jusin Production
Ego Fall - Sacred Totem
Album: Spirit of Mongolia; Label: Independent
Sigh - Soul Grave
Album: Scenes from Hell; Label: The End Records
Versailles - Masquerade
Album: Holy Grail; Label: Warner Music Japan
King - Evil Evangelization
Album: Forged by Satans Docrtine; Label: Deathgasm
Adramelech - Captured in Eternal Loss
Album: Seven; Label: Repulse
Infinity - Unsilent Storms in the North Abyss (Immortal cover)
Album: Back To The Source (Summon The Black Flame); Label: New Era
In Aeternum - Spawned to Crush
Album: Forever Blasphemy; Label: Necropolis
Kaamos - Blood Of Chaos
Album: Kaamos; Label: Dauthus
Zgard - Despair
Album: Reclusion; Label: BadMoodMan Music
Bal-Sagoth - The Empyreal Lexicon
Album: The Power Cosmic; Label: Nuclear Blast
Godgory - Sick To The Gore
Album: Sea Of Dreams; Label: Invasion
Fiurach - Imapler's Skullchalice
Album: Chaospower; Label: Scarlet Records
Black Messiah - The Naglfar Saga : Sailing Into Eternity
Album: The Final Journey; Label: AFM
Into Eternity - Fukushima
Album: Fukushima (single); Label: Self Released
Soen - Slithering
Album: Cognitive Web; Label: Spinefarm
Hypno5e - Gehhena (Part II)
Album: Acid Mist Tomorrow; Label: Pelagic
The Bloodcult - Lenore
Album: Night's Plutonian Shore; Label: Unisound
Imminent Sonic Destruction - Temple
Album: Recurring themes; Label: Unsigned
Anathema - The Beginning and the End
Album: Weather Sytems; Label: Kscope
Illusive mind - Hidden Increments
Album: Pembina; Label: Unsigned
M.Z. - First Impozing Waltz
Album: Romantic; Label: Unsigned
Lucifier Was - Behind Black Rider
Album: Out of the Blue; Label: Transubstans
Pazuzu - Saturns Somber Moons
Album: III: The End Of Ages; Label: Avantgarde
Cold Flesh Colony - You Never Did
Album: The Dark Passenger; Label: Zorch Factory
Air Date: 
February 26, 2012

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