2/22/2012 Echo Chamber


A special show as it included Dr. StrangeDub's first artist interview in a long time: Jacob Hemphill of SOJA discussed the new SOJA album, the current tour, past works, and more. In addition to SOJA, brand new music from: Vibronics, Abassi All Stars, Nneka (the very cool "My Home" single), and Profit. In following the Japanese punk theme from the program before us (Dart Gun Radio) we featured: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Audio Active, Little Tempo, Likkle Mai, Fumitake Uchida, Shiina Ringo, Saito Neko, Channel U, Jah Wobble & the Nippon Dub Ensemble, Blue Beat Players, The Brass Circus, Dry & Heavy, Bon Voyage Co., and The Determinations.

Playlist Tracks: 
*Vibronics meet No More Babylon - Youthman (ft. King Kikko)
Album: The French Connection; Label: Hammerbass
*Mighty Howard - Jah Soldiers
Album: Jah Soldier Complete; Label: One-Drop
*SOJA - Mentality
Album: Strength to Survive; Label: ATO
Gaggeldub - Dubcally Drive (LP edit)
Album: Andromedub; Label: Dub Flash
Little Tempo - The Taste of Tea (ft. Yoko Fujita)
Album: The Taste of Tea (sdtk.); Label: Speedstar Int'l.
Audio Active - The Giant's Garden
Album: Tokyo Space Cowboys; Label: Beat Music/On-U Sound
Likkle Mai - Your Love (extended mix)
Album: N/A; Label: Beat Records
SX the Mad Artist - Joint Tantrums
Album: TBD; Label: Self release
*Early W~rm - Dirty Bass Dread Skies
Album: Natty Droid - Dub from Outer Space; Label: Renegade Media
*Abassi All Stars - Lion Woman
Album: Showcase vol. 2; Label: Universal Egg
*Zion Dirty Sound - Mama Africa (ft. Sista Raphaelle)
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
Latin Bitman/Lata - Someday (ft. Francisca Valenzuela)
Album: Lata Remixes; Label: Self release (bandcamp.com)
Mixxle - Miao Mouse
Album: Fraj Ton Dub; Label: soundcloud.com
Brian Bender & Little Shop of Horas - Bobover Binghi
Album: Eyn Velt; Label: Self release
Dubkasm - Are You Ready (ft. Solo Banton)
Album: Emotion/Are You Ready EP; Label: Sufferah's Choice
S.O.J.A. - Peace in a Time of War (+ Dub in a Time of War)
Album: Peace in a Time of War; Label: Inner Loop Records
S.O.J.A. - In Jah I Must Fear
Album: Peace in a Time of War; Label: Inner Loop Records
S.O.J.A. - Jah Protect Dub
Album: Peace in a Time of War; Label: Inner Loop Records
*Profit - Can't Get We Under (ft. Dr. Ring Ding
Album: Two-Edged Sword EP; Label: Have-A-Break
*J-Boog - Low the Guns
Album: Kingston 13 Riddim (various artists); Label: Ranch Entertainment
Dub Station & Shaka Black - Chant Rastafari
Album: Chant Rastafari; Label: KRucial Reggae
*Nneka - My Home
Album: My Home single; Label: Decon Records
*Nneka - My Home (instrumental)
Album: My Home single; Label: Decon Records
*Citizen Sound - Seasons Change (Richie Phoe remix)
Album: Seasons Change ep; Label: Balanced
Diana King - Ya Dun Kno
Album: Ya Dun Kno single; Label: ThinkLikeAgirL Music
Fumitake Uchida - Juror
Album: online single; Label: soundcloud.com
Neon Jung - Delirium Tremens (Nathan Fake remix) [excerpt, due to CD glitch]
Album: N/A; Label: soundcloud.com
Dry & Heavy - Radikal Star (ft. Likkle Mai)
Album: One Punch; Label: Beat
Bon Voyage Co. (Haruomi Hosono, then-future YMO co-founder) - Exotica Lullaby (Ska Beguine)
Album: Taian Yoko; Label: Crown Japan
Channel U - Frenchpass
Album: Ape-Man Talking; Label: Concent
Shiina Ringo & Saito Neko - Hatsukoi Shoujo
Album: Heisei Fuzoku; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Shiina Ringo - Mayonaka wa Junketsu (backed by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)
Album: Mayonaka wa Junketsu single; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Itsuka Dokoka De
Album: Pioneers; Label: Epic/Sony
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Itsuka Dokoka De (Live Mad Maxx Dub)
Album: Gunslingers; Label: Avex
Jah Wobble & the Nippon Dub Ensemble - K Dub 04
Album: Japanese Dub; Label: 30 Hertz
Jah Wobble & the Nippon Dub Ensemble - K Dub 05
Album: Japanese Dub; Label: 30 Hertz
The Determinations - Jado Sect
Album: Ska Champion; Label: Olive Disk
Blue Beat Players - Space Summer
Album: Torrid Rock; Label: Second City
The Brass Circus - Strawberry Fields Forever
Album: Skankin' Beatles (Blue); Label: Phantom
Little Tempo - Exotica Lollipops Dub
Album: Kedaco Is Born; Label: Speedstar Int'l.
Jacob Hemphill of SOJA [previously recorded] - Interview by Dr. StrangeDub for The Echo Chamber
Topics: New SOJA album, tour, past works, etc.
Air Date: 
February 22, 2012