2/19/2012 Root Of All Evil


Root Of All Evil Radio Show Playlist 2/19/12 "Brian Has A Metal Maxi Pad" with Brian, Tim & John

Playlist Tracks: 
Havok - Prepare For Attack
Album: Time Is Up; Label: Candlelight
Judas Priest - Exciter
Album: Stained Class; Label: Columbia
Iron Maiden - Ghost of the Navigator
Album: Brave New World; Label: EMI
Blood Ceremony - I'm Coming With You
Album: Blood Ceremony; Label: Rise Above
Samson - Riding With the Angels
Album: Shock Tactics; Label: Grand Slam
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Euthenasia
Album: Wild Cat; Label: MCA
Cathedral - Ride
Album: Anniversary; Label: Rise Above
Overkill - Elimination
Album: The Years of Decay; Label: Atlantic
Blind Guardian - Traveler In Time (2011 Remix)
Album: Memories Of A Time To Come; Label: Nuclear Blast
Gamma Ray - Valley of the Kings
Album: Somewhere Out In Space; Label: Noise Records
Primal Fear - Strike
Album: Unbreakable; Label: Frontiers
Ministry - Psalm 69
Album: Psalm 69 (How to Succeed and How to Suck Eggs); Label: Sire
Legion of the Damned - Demon Fist
Album: Malevolent Rapture; Label: Massacre
Norther - We Do Not Care
Album: Circle Regenerated; Label: Century Media
Warbringer - Shattered like Glass
Album: Worlds Torn Asunder; Label: Century Media
Hatesphere - Need To Kill
Album: The Great Bludgeoning; Label: Napalm
Bison B.C. - Take the Next Exit
Album: Dark Ages; Label: Century Media
Lamb of God - The Number Six
Album: Resolution; Label: Epic
Skeletonwitch - Of Ash and Torment
Album: Forever Abomination; Label: Prosthetic
Nightrage - Hate Turns Black
Album: Insidious; Label: Lifeforce
SSS - Thrash With a Small Moustache
Album: The Dividing Line; Label: Earache
Obscura - Ocean Gateways
Album: Omnivium; Label: Relapse
Tombs - Bloodletters
Album: Path of Totality; Label: Relapse
Morbid Angel - Maze of Torment
Album: Altars of Madness; Label: Earache
Byfrost - Eye For an Eye
Album: Of Death; Label: AFM
Vallenfyre - Cathedrals of Dead
Album: A Fragile King; Label: Metal Blade
Dismember - Sickening Art '90 Demo
Album: Swedish Death Metal Demos; Label: Prophecy Productions
Vader - Black Velvet and Skulls of Steel
Album: Welcome To the Morbid Reich; Label: Nuclear Blast
Pathology - Humanity's Cesspool
Album: Awaken to the Suffering; Label: Victory
Aborted - Nailed Through Her Cunt
Album: Global Flatline; Label: Century Media
Immolation - Providence
Album: Providence E.P.; Label: Scion AV
Brutal Truth - Simple Math
Album: End Time; Label: Relapse
Liberteer - I am Spartacus
Album: Better to Die On Your Feet, Than Live On Your Knees; Label: Relapse
Landmine Marathon - Morbidity
Album: Gallows; Label: Prosthetic
Krisiun - Blood of Lions
Album: The Great Execution; Label: Century Media
Illogicist - The Mind Reaper
Album: The Unconciousness of Living; Label: Willowtip
Hypocrisy - Pleasure of Molestation
Album: Hell Over Sofia-20 Years of Chaos and Confusion; Label: Nuclear Blast
Wolves In the Throne Room - Astral Blood
Album: Celestial Lineage; Label: Southern lord
Thulcandra - Black Flags of Hate
Album: Under a Frozen Sun; Label: Napalm
Throne Of Katarsis - Mesterens Tilbakekomst
Album: Ved Graven; Label: Candlelight
Deathspell Omega - Odium Nostrum
Album: Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice; Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Insomnium - Only One Who Waits
Album: One For Sorrow; Label: Century Media
Taake - Myr
Album: Noregs Vaapen; Label: Dark Essence
Einherjar - Naglfar
Album: Norron Kraft; Label: Indie Recordings
Alcest - Nous Sommes l'Emeraude
Album: Les Voyages de l'; Label: Prophecy Productions
Orange Goblin - The Fog
Album: Eulogy For the Damned; Label: Candlelight
Red Fang - Throw Up
Album: Murder the Mountains; Label: Relapse
Wizard Smoke - Witches Brew
Album: The Speed of Smoke; Label: Self Released
Woods of Yrpes - Your Ontario Town Is a Burial Ground
Album: Woods III: The Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues; Label: Krankenhaus Records
Lacuna Coil - Kill the Light
Album: Dark Adrenaline; Label: Century Media
Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back
Album: Imaginaerum; Label: Nuclear Blast
Esoteric - Cipher
Album: Paragon of Disonnance; Label: Season of Mist
Earth - His Teeth Did Brightly Shine
Album: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II; Label: Southern lord
Air Date: 
February 19, 2012