2/16/2012 Catalyst: Politics and Culture


Playlist Tracks: 
The Last Poets - Black & Strong
Album: Holy Terror; Label: Back Ace
Yusef Latiff - Long Long Ago
Album: Diverse Yesf Latiff; Label: Rhino
Nina Simone - Old Jim Crow
Album: Nina Sings Nina; Label: Verve jazz Masters
Amira Baraka - The X Is Black
Album: United States of Poetry; Label: Mouth Almighty
Impact Theater - Family Tree
Album: Tupac Shakur Tribue:Rose That Grew From Concrete; Label: Amaru
Michael Franti & Spearhead - We Don't Stop
Album: Everyone Deserves Music; Label: BoBo
Sha Cage - poet
Topics: Amber People My Words
Nikki Giovan - poet
Topics: But Since You Finally Asked ("In Philadelphia" cd)
Mahalia Jackson interviewed by Studs Terkel - gospel singer/civil rights era activist
Topics: from Studs Terkel interviews 1950s thru early 1990s
James Baldwin - author/activist
Topics: speech given in Birham. Alabama on September 25, 1963
Malcolm X speeches - Black Nationalist activist and Muslim
Topics: 1972 documentary film soundtrack (Warner Brothers)
Mumia Abu Jamal - Pennsylvania death row dissident journalist, former Black Panther Party and radio commentator
Topics: radio essays recorded by Prison Radio
Angela Davis - African-American Studies professor, life long civil & human rights activist, writer
Topics: 1999 speech recorded by AK Press
Air Date: 
February 16, 2012

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