2/5/2012 Root Of All Evil


Playlist Tracks: 
Primal Fear - And There Was Silence
Album: Unbreakable; Label: Primal Fear
Metallica - Rebel Of Babylon
Album: EP; Label: Electra
Australis - Insurgent Annihilation
Album: Live on the Root; Label: Root
Misery - Mother Nature
Album: From Where the Sun Never Shines; Label: Ininicale
Daigoro - Apocalyptic Metamorphisis
Album: local sampler 2011; Label: Self Released
Nopathy - Wanker
Album: Nopathy 2011; Label: Self Released
Atrum Inritus - Ephemera
Album: Prognatus In Vorago; Label: Alter Of The Dead Productions
Ambassador Gun - Ignorance Is This
Album: When In Hell; Label: Pangea
In Defence - Reinventing Rob Halford
Album: Party Lines and Politics; Label: Profane Existence
Demonicon - Faith Erased
Album: Local sampler 2011; Label: Self Released
Eldergaad - Cult Of The Void
Album: Child Of Gaad; Label: Self Released
Climactic - Of Musk & Rut
Album: Climatic; Label: Self Released
Viral Mutation - Die For My Sins
Album: local sampler 2011; Label: Self Released
Invidiosis - Exasperated Psychosis
Album: Advance Single; Label: Self Released
Unkind - Yipea Perthe
Album: Harhakuvat; Label: Relapse
Agrimonia - Worms
Album: Host The Winged; Label: Profane Existence
Thorns - Shifting
Album: Thorns; Label: Moonfog Productions
Maruta - Strains
Album: Forward Into Regression; Label: Willowtip
Blut Aus Nord - Epitome III
Album: 777 Sects; Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Ackercocke - Scapegoat
Album: Choronzon; Label: Earache
Nowen - Deadly Force
Album: Essence Of Fear; Label: Violent Journey Records
Hellcannon - Raiders Of The Waste
Album: Infected With Violence; Label: Butchered Records
Game Over - Evil Clutch
Album: For Humanity; Label: My Graveyard Productions
Witchery - Restless
Album: Restless And Dead; Label: Century Media Records
Vastum - Re-Member
Album: Carnal Law; Label: Deific Mourning
Guera Total - Mas Alla De la Tumba
Album: Mas Alla De la Tumba; Label: Iron Shield Records
Throne of Legions - Lucifer Unbound
Album: 2011 EP; Label: Self Released
Gorguts - Rottenatomy
Album: Considered Dead; Label: Roadrunner Records
Nekromantheon - Raised by Dogs
Album: Rise, Vulcan, Spectre; Label: Indie Recordings
Cannibal Corpse - Demented Aggression
Album: Torture; Label: Metal Blade Records
Virulency - Dissolving Vaginal Integument
Album: Unbearable Martydom Landscape; Label: Grotesque Productions
Workhorse - Emporer
Album: Fire Before All; Label: Unsigned/independent
Nomatic - Immmerse
Album: Where; Label: Nomatic
Crystal Viper - The Truth
Album: Legends; Label: AFM Records
Lascaille's Shroud - War: The Silhoutte of a Star
Album: In Galactic Waves; Label: Unsigned
Extol - Celestial Completion
Album: Burial; Label: Endtime Productions
Hypocrisy - Edge Of Madness
Album: Catch 22; Label: Nuclear Blast
Bill Hicks - Dinosaurs in the Bible
Album: Arizona Bay; Label: Rykodisc
Aborted - The Kellinger Theory
Album: Global Flatline; Label: Century Media Records
Vinterblot - Whispers To The Headless
Album: Nether Collapse; Label: Rising Records
Bestia Arcana - The Poison Of Mannaseh
Album: To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu; Label: Daemon Worship Productions
Abigail Williams - Ancension
Album: Becoming; Label: Candlelight Records
Triptykon - I Am The Twilight
Album: Shatter; Label: Prowling Death Records
Cathedral - Open Mind Surgery
Album: Open Mind Surgery; Label: Rise Above Records
Nami - Loop Of Truth (The Link)
Album: Fragile Alignments; Label: Year of the Sun Records
Opeth - To Rid The Disease
Album: Damnation; Label: Music for Nations
Earthenwomb - Drifts
Album: Florid Ore; Label: Glossolalia Records
Edison's Children - The "Other" Other Dimension
Album: In the Last Waking Moments; Label: Random Disturbance Records LLC
Goldenseed - (Dead) On The Road
Album: The War Is In My Mind; Label: SG Records
Goldenseed - A Homage to Frank
Album: The War Is In My Mind; Label: SG Records
Bestia Arcana - The Pit of Sheh Oh
Album: To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu; Label: Daemon Worship Productions
Air Date: 
February 5, 2012