2/3/2012 Voice Cried Softly


Playlist Tracks: 
CAN - Connection
Album: (Unlimited Edition); Label: Spoon 1969
DEEP PURPLE - Child In Time
Album: (Made In Japan); Label: Warner Bros. 1973
SLINT - Rhoda
Album: (Tweez); Label: Jennifer Hartman Records and Tapes 1989
STUFF SMITH AND HIS ONYX CLUB - Here Comes the Man with the Jive
Album: (Reefer Songs); Label: Stash 1936
MY DAD IS DEAD - In the Morning
Album: (The Best Defense); Label: Homestead 1988
THE TRASHMEN - Surfin' Bird
Album: (Surfin' Bird); Label: Snuff Garrett 1963
GENESIS - The Return of the Giant Hogweed
Album: (Nursery Cryme); Label: Charisma 1971
SONIC YOUTH - The World Looks Red
Album: (Confusion Is Sex); Label: Neutral 1983
THE DOORS - I Looked at You
Album: (self); Label: Elektra 1967
DUSTDEVILS - Psychonaut
Album: (Extant); Label: Matador 1996
Album: (Smiley Smile); Label: Capitol 1967
FAUST - Munic B
Album: (71 Minutes Of); Label: ReR 1975
V/A - Shrine Music [Japanese Theater Music]
Album: (Music from the Kabuki); Label: Nonesuch c1965
SOFT MACHINE - Slightly All the Time
Album: (Third); Label: Columbia 1970
LONG FIN KILLIE - The Lamberton Lamplighter
Album: (Houdini); Label: Too Pure 1995
TANGERINE DREAM - Rubicon Part 1
Album: (Rubicon); Label: Virgin 1975
Air Date: 
February 3, 2012

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