12/30/2011 Jet Set Planet


Playlist Tracks: 
Henry Mancini - The Party (vocal)
Album: The Party; Label: RCA
Kenyon Hopkins - Cool Village
Album: Contrasting Colors; Label: Capitol
{N} Wyncote All-Stars - T.H.E. Cat Theme
Album: T.V. '67; Label: Wyncote
Sir Julian - Time on My Hands
Album: A Knight at the Organ; Label: RCA
Johnny Keating - Speak Low
Album: The Keating Sound; Label: London
Henry Mancini - Party Poop
Album: The Party; Label: RCA
{N} Jean-Pierre Bourtayre - A Certain Look
Album: The Game is Over; Label: ATCO
Don Tweedy - Fly, Baby Fly
Album: The Don Tweedy Chorus and Orchestra; Label: Ovation
{N} Lenny Stark - The Big Race
Album: CC and Company; Label: AVCO
{N} Soul Mann and the Brothers - Caf
Album: Shaft; Label: Muridire
Jack Sheldon - Holiday
Album: The Warm World of Jack Sheldon; Label: Dot
The Wichita Train Whistle - Carlisle Wheeling
Album: The Wichita Train Whistle Sings; Label: Dot
John Barry - The Three Attackers
Album: The Whisperers; Label: UA
Gordon Parks - Blowin' Your Mind
Album: Shaft's Big Score!; Label: MGM
Dave Grusin - Spec-Rac-Tac-Para-Comm
Album: Candy; Label: Cinerama
{N} Carol Channing - Skidoo/Goodnight Mr. Banks
Album: Skidoo; Label: RCA
The Pat Williams Band - Chicken Feathers
Album: Think; Label: Verve
The Pretty Goods - I Want to be Happy
Album: The Look of Love; Label: Phase 4
Albert Van Dam - Belly Button Bounce
Album: The Crazy Horse Saloon of Paris; Label: UA
Paul Horn - Guv-Gubi
Album: Monday Monday; Label: RCA
Mariano and the Unbelievables - Best of Both Worlds
Album: 25th Hour; Label: Capitol
David Axelrod - The Signs
Album: Earth Rot; Label: Capitol
Wes Montgomery - The Fox
Album: Down Here on the Ground; Label: AM
Trombones Unlimted - Copy Cat
Album: You're Gonna Hear from Me (US!); Label: Liberty
The Three Suns - Perdido
Album: The Happy Go Lucky Sound; Label: RCA
Walter Wanderly - Pretty Butterfly
Album: Batucada; Label: Verve
King Richard's Fluegel Knights - Horn Duey
Album: Something Super!; Label: MTA
Air Date: 
December 30, 2011

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