12/29/2011 Fresh Fruit


End of the Year Queer Music Special with Dixie
Featuring music by Out musicians:

(in alphabetical order):

Boy George, Norine Braun, Tracy Chapman, Coyote Grace, Tori Fixx, Horse, Georgie Jessup, Joshua Klipp, Austin Marolla, Nhojj, Toshi Reagon, The Topp Twins, Natalia Zukerman

Playlist Tracks: 
Judy Garland, B52s, Angela Motter, Tori Fixx, Josie Cotton, Ochi, David Bowie,Diana Ross, Scott Free, Gaye Adegbalola, Candye Kane, Lou Reed,DD/C, Sandy Rapp, Romanovsky & Phillips, RuPaul - Fresh Fruit collage
Album: collage by Dixie Treichel; Label: self released
Nhojj - Music
Album: Soul Comfort; Label: Black Angel Records
Toshi Reagon - Something You Know
Album: There And Back Again; Label: Music For Your Life
Joshua Klipp - Life
Album: Won't Stop Now; Label: K. Cloud & J. Klipp
The Topp Twins - Untouchable Girls
Album: Grass Highway; Label: EMI
Austin Marolla - Thank You
Album: You and Me; Label: Agate Records
Natalia Zuckerman - Come Undone
Album: Gas Station Roses; Label: Weasel Records
Tori Fixx - Marry Me
Album: Marry me; Label: A.C.R.N.OY.M. Records
Horse - Catch My Fall
Album: Red Haired Girl; Label: KOSMIC MUSIC US
Boy George - Pie in the Sky
Album: Taboo: The Musical (Original London Cast)l; Label: First Night Records
Norine Braun - Doesn't Matter Anyway
Album: Evolution of the Blood Star; Label: Norine Braun
Coyate Grace - Only Road
Album: Ear to the Ground; Label: Mile After Mile Records
Georgie Jessup - Walk That Talk
Album: Woman In A Man's Suit; Label: Winkte Music
Tracy Chapman - Something to See
Album: Our Bright Future; Label: Atlantic