12/26/2011 Health Notes


Mother Clare Watts, Certified Midwife, Ordained Minister, Priest and author of the Book, Giving Birth to God

Kinshasha shared a powerful hour of conversation with Mother Clare Watts. The conversation covered the history of religion, fear, death, reincarnation and living our best life.

Mother Clare Watts is an ordained Priest and Master Teacher in the Order of Christ-Sophia. She began her early training in the late 1970's and was ordained a Minister-Deacon in 1984. She served as such in Kentucky and in Massachusetts, where she was ordained a Priest in 1996 and a Master Teacher in 2001, by Father Peter Bowes. Mother Clare wears purple robes, signifying her standing as a Master Teacher, which is equivalent to a Guru in the Eastern traditions.

Mother Clare founded the Boston Center of Light, formerly called the Christ-Sophia Center, where she continued to serve until 2001. At that time she moved to Seattle to begin a new Center of Light. Mother Clare has now moved to Dolores Colorado, where she is busy building another Center of Light with Reverend Ruth, as well as working to develop the new Mary Sophia Temple for World Peace, as well as helping develop the Sophia Retreat and Conference Center.

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Mother Claire Watts - Giving Birth To God
Topics: Chritian Mysticism
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December 26, 2011

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