12/18/2011 Root Of All Evil


Playlist Tracks: 
Savage Messiah - The Accuser
Album: Plague Of Conscience; Label: Earache Records
Annihilator - Rage Absolute
Album: All For You; Label: Avalon Online
Zimmers Hole - When You Were Shouting At The Devil
Album: When You Were Shouting At The Devil; Label: Century Media
Nevermore - 42147
Album: The Politics Of Ecstacy; Label: Century Media
Strapping Young Lad - Detox
Album: City; Label: Century Media
Dethklok - Blood Ocean
Album: The Dethalbum; Label: Williams Street
Cage - Bloodsteel
Album: Supremacy Of Steel; Label: MTM Music
Pretty Maids - Future World
Album: Future World; Label: Columbia
Krux - He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars
Album: III - He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars; Label: GMR Music
Candlemass - Black Dwarf
Album: Candlemass; Label: Napalm Records
Iced Earth - Equilibrium
Album: Dystopia; Label: Century Media
Halcyon Way - On Black Wings
Album: IndoctriNation; Label: Nightmare Records
Lance King - 666. Dance Of Power
Album: A Moment In Chiros; Label: Nightmare Records
Megadeth - Never Dead
Album: Th1rt3en; Label: Roadrunner
Fight - Christmas Ride
Album: Christmas Ride; Label: Epic/Sony
King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Album: No Presents For Christmas; Label: Roadrunner
Versailes - The Theme of Holy Grail
Album: Holy Grail; Label: Warner Music Japan
Sigh - Dies Irae/the master Malice
Album: Hangman Hymn; Label: The End Records
Blackthorn - Gorgon the Ascendant
Album: Codex Archos; Label: MSR Productions
The Devin Townsend Project - Pandemic
Album: Deconstruction; Label: HevyDevy Records
Septic Flesh - Mad Architecht
Album: The Great Mass; Label: Season of Mist
Apocalyptica - In Memoriam
Album: Cult; Label: Mercury Records
Dark Moor - Swan Lake
Album: Autumnal; Label: Scarlet Records
Coronatus - Das Zweite Geischt
Album: Terra Incognita; Label: Massacre Records
The Great Kat - Paganini Caprise 24
Album: Total Insanity; Label: TPR
Nightwish - Song of Myself
Album: Imaginaerium; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Aperion - Maya
Album: Act Of Hybrids; Label: Self-Released
Krypteria - Carol Of Bells
Album: In Medias Res; Label: Synergy
Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Tears of Autumn Rain
Album: Children of the Dark Waters; Label: Suomen Musiikki
Krypteria - Eye Collector
Album: All Beauty Must Die; Label: Liberatio Music
Within Temptation - Lost
Album: Unforgiving; Label: Roadrunner Records
Therion - Interludium
Album: Theli; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Aesma Daeva - Ancient Verses
Album: Dawn of New Athens; Label: The Root Of All Evil Records
Skinlab - Never Give In
Album: Revolting Room; Label: Century Media
Vektor - Cosmic Cortex
Album: Outer Isolation; Label: Heavy Artillery
Mortillary - Evil Remains
Album: Murder, Death, KIll; Label: Unsigned
Casket Robbery - Gary Busey The Transcendent One
Album: Casket Robbery; Label: Unsigned
Toxocora - The Red House Report
Album: Atmosfear; Label: Twilight-Vertrieb
Ovo - Nosferatu
Album: Cor Cordium; Label: Supernatural Cat
Abbey ov Thelema - The Hidden Wisdom & Clandestine Legacy ov the Black Arts
Album: A Fragment Of ov the Great Work; Label: Sonic Temple
Timesailor - Dreamwalker Part 1
Album: Once Upon A Time; Label: Timesailor
Bastard Priest - Fucking Slaughter
Album: Ghouls Of A Endless Night; Label: Blood Harvest
Alter Era - Red Thorah
Album: In Autumns Solitary Decline; Label: Mater Tenebrarum
Devin Townsend - Radial Highway
Album: Suff That Was Almost Stuff; Label: HevyDevy Records
(Echo) - Omnivoid
Album: Devoid Of Illusions; Label: BadMoodMan Music/Solitude Porductions
Sunn O))) - Ash on the Trees
Album: The Iron And Soul of Nothing; Label: Southern Lord
Air Date: 
December 18, 2011

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