12/4/2011 Wave Project


As musicians, we see and experience that when an artist taps their inner-most truth, what they share with the world cascades onto each of us with a depth of soul that transcends the outer world of distractions and brings us to an inner world of peace and harmony – if only for a brief moment in time.

Carefree and intimate is the relationship we aspire to have within ourselves. When we come out into the world and create with another - “co-create” – we may subject ourselves to ridicule, conflict or both and . . . at a deeper level . . . we expand into an overwhelmingly greater awareness of self that was never exposed - could not be revealed – until the magic of co-creation.

Many artists – great artists – have died young; often taking their own lives. What if they had expanded their inner awareness through their outer world – through the relationships of the people around them and, more importantly, with the other geniuses? We will explore the genius of artists as individuals, such as the legendary Nick Drake, and explore the possibility for expansion through co-creation. We’ll share his music, our music and how harmony is accessed through co-creation.

Playlist Tracks: 
Nick Drake - Cello Song
Album: Five Leaves Left; Label: Island
Nick Drake - Way to Blue
Album: Five Leaves Left; Label: Island