11/23/2011 Echo Chamber


A ton of new music, some old favorites, and even an airing of Happy Birth Dub (from Soldier Red & Lion Army) for Dr. StrangeDub. Brand new remixes of Dubmatix's System Shakedown album on the new Clash of the Titans; some cool new Slovenian dub from the Fraj Ton Dub compilation; and new music from Dub Colossus, Babilonci (the very nice These Boots cover), Roots Nation, Jesse Royal, Bandulu Dub & Haji Mike, Masia One & Sabotawj (the very cool Irie), Natty Dave, and our own Mutant Frogs. Filling out the show with the sounds of Vincenzo Cipollone, Dubsalon, International Observer, Sky High & the Mau Mau, 9 Lazy 9, The Specials, Kukan Dub-Lagan, Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Dubmatix - Rough Likkle Town (ft. Brother Culture) LionDub Mix
Album: Clash of the Titans [various artists]; Label: Irie Ites/Collision - Cause of Chap.3
*Twelve - Dub War
Album: FX100, A Hundred Effects [various]; Label: Jarring Effects
*Haris Pilton & Dubar Sound - Lion Dub
Album: Fraj Ton Dub [various artists]; Label: Soundcloud.com
*Dub Colossus - Addis Through the Looking Glass
Album: Addis Through the Looking Glass; Label: RealWorld
Soldier Red & Lion Army - Happy Birth Dub
Album: N/A; Label: despiracy.com download
Dubsalon - Awka
Album: Durban Chamber; Label: ideology.de download
*Jesse Royal - Bittersweet Dub
Album: Bittersweet (single); Label: Xterminator
Zeb - Nafas
Album: The Sound of Rhythm 'n' Culture [various artists]; Label: Eighteenth St. Lounge
*Roots Nation - Unchanted Vibes
Album: Temperature's Risin'; Label: Rare Roots
*Babilonci - These Boots are Made for Walking
Album: Nevolja u Raju; Label: self release
*Mutant Frogs - Time Barrier #5
Album: unreleased; Label: Skankworks/IMT
International Observer - Binman Dub
Album: One Dub [various artists]; Label: Interchill
*Natty Dave - My Empress
Album: The Traveller EP; Label: Dubbhism
Vincenzo Cipollone - Call of the Cowboy
Album: Far West; Label: Soul Love
The Divine Sham - How the West Was Won
Album: Devil's Rope; Label: High Noon
*Phil Pratt - Dial 'M' for Murder
Album: Dial 'M' for Murder; Label: Pressure Sounds
Sky High & the Mau Mau - Garvey Chant
Album: Marcus Garvey Chant; Label: RAS
Johnny Fife - Dread On That Day Dub
Album: The Way of the Dub EP; Label: Self Release
Urban Desert - Gladiator
Album: Lonely Ranger; Label: Echo Space
Kukan Dub-Lagan - Pink The Floyd Remix
Album: Life Still Nice; Label: MikelaBella
*Bandulu Dub & Haji Mike - Freedom
Album: N /A; Label: Soundcloud.com
*Sabotawj & Masia One - Irie (ft. Bo Roc)
Album: Highplace Drive; Label: Merdeka Group
*Dubmatix/Eccodek - Wobble Weeble (Eccodek's Mali to Mumbai Remix)
Album: Clash of the Titans [various artists]; Label: Irie Ites/Collision - Cause of Chap.3
*Sport Billy KRSI Embargo - Darkness Dub
Album: Fraj Ton Dub [various artists]; Label: Soundcloud.com
Jah Wobble & Deep Space - Rimshot
Album: Largely Live in Hartlepool and Manchester; Label: 30 Hertz
Black Jazz Chronicles - Hold On
Album: 12; Label: Nuphonic
9 Lazy 9 - Spoonful of Slow
Album: Ninja Cuts: Flexistentialism; Label: Ninja Tune
The Specials - Man at C&A
Album: More Specials; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
The Specials - International Jet Set
Album: More Specials; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers - Cassandra Dubs
Album: Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers; Label: Makafresh
Wagon Christ (aka Luke Vibert) - Wake Up
Album: Toomorrow; Label: Ninja Tune
Capsula - Golden Ord
Album: Sense of a Drop; Label: Waveform
Air Date: 
November 23, 2011