11/25/2011 The Minnesota Sound


This week The Pop Shop presents the Minnesota Sound, as Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy fill in for Jonathan. A hearty dose of early Twin Cities' garage rock, as well as new music from the Sex Rays and Crankshaft. Plus, a five-track set from Crackpot Records, and remember the Pigeonholes?!

Playlist Tracks: 
Gregory Dee & the Avanties - The Grind
Album: Big Hits of Mid America; Label: Soma
The Castaways - Liar, Liar
Album: Big Hits of Mid America; Label: Soma
The Underbeats - Sweet Words of Love
Album: Big Hits of Mid America; Label: Soma
The Sex Rays - Hidden Charms
Album: The Sex Rays; Label: Bareass
Hypstrz - 7 and 7 Is
Album: Live at the Longhorn; Label: self
The Mighty Mofos - Mind Reader
Album: 45; Label: Treehouse
Iffy - Double Dutch
Album: Biota Bondo; Label: Foodchain
Urban Guerillas - Freeway Picnic Party
Album: Attack of the Pink Heat Seeking Moisture Missles; Label: Camouflage
The Phones - Hav Luv Will Travel
Album: Back in Time; Label: S.A.M.
The Replacements - I'm in Trouble
Album: Sorry Ma, I Forgot to Take Out the Trash; Label: Restless
Little Man - Megaphone
Album: Orbital Amusement; Label: self
The Honeydogs - Rumor Has It
Album: Seen a Ghost; Label: Debris/Mercury
Trailer Trash - I'm Just Restless
Album: Live at Lee's; Label: self
Crankshaft & the Gear Grinders - Louisiana Bayou Santa
Album: single; Label: Slabtown
John Eller & the DTs - Jump the Gun
Album: Escape Trick; Label: Crackpot
Rank Strangers - Seventh Sign
Album: Far Cry from Here; Label: Crackpot
The Draghounds - Space 1999
Album: Last Stop Til Ninth Street; Label: Crackpot
The Picadors - Kerosene
Album: Pretty Penny; Label: Crackpot
Gear Daddies - Dream Vacation
Album: Can't Have Nothin' Nice; Label: Crackpot
Pete Hofmann - Messin' with the In Between
Album: Crawling Tall; Label: Capsule
The Pigeonholes - I Don't Mind
Album: The Pigeonholes; Label: self
Joe Fahey - Mark of the Wolf
Album: Bushnells Turtle; Label: Rough Fish
The Hard Left - Who's She Gonna Turn To
Album: The Avant Garde Sounds of the Hard Left; Label: self
The Spectors - When the Girl of Your Dreams
Album: Cockfights & Cakefights 1992-1996; Label: Get Hip
Air Date: 
November 25, 2011

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