11/21/2011 Health Notes


Kinshasha talked with Dr. Matthew Edlund about his groundbreaking book The Power of Rest

Dr. Edlund takes a fresh look at the role that rest plays in the quality of our lives, offering a proven program to enhance your health, help you look younger, and feel restored.

This important conversation provides answers to some pressing health concerns, and is an important adjunct for those already investing time, energy, and money in their health. Listeners interested in a new plan to help with sleep disruptions, fatigue, lack of zest, weight loss, or diabetes will find important solutions in this timely conversation.

Playlist Tracks: 
Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
Album: 30 Greatest Hits; Label: Atlantic
Dr. Matthew Edlund - The Power of Rest
Topics: Health Benefits of Rest
Marina Spence - Make Everyday A Friday
Topics: How To Find Joy Everyday
Air Date: 
November 21, 2011

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