11/20/2011 Root Of All Evil


Playlist Tracks: 
Angel Witch - Angel Of Death
Album: Angel Witch; Label: Bronze
Metallica - The Mechanix
Album: Metallica; Label: Self Released
Rainbow - Gates Of Babylon
Album: Long Live Rock-N-Roll; Label: Polygram
Van Halen - I'm The One
Album: Van Halen; Label: Warner Bros.
Diamond Head - Streets Of Gold
Album: Sweet & Innocent (Single); Label: Media
Pink Floyd - One Of These Days
Album: Meddle; Label: Harvest/EMI
Iron Maiden - Sheriff Of Huddersfield
Album: Wasted Years (Single); Label: EMI
Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave
Album: Master Of Reality; Label: Warner Bros.
Girlschool - Emergency
Album: Demolition; Label: Bronze
Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot
Album: Physical Graffiti; Label: Swan Song
Mercyful Fate - The Uninvited Guest
Album: Into The Unknown; Label: Metal Blade
Def Leppard - Stagefright
Album: Pyromania; Label: Vertigo
Motorhead - Too Late, Too Late
Album: Overkill (Single); Label: Bronze
Judas Priest - Dissident Aggressor
Album: Sin After Sin; Label: Columbia
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Album: Sheer Heart Attack; Label: EMI
Venom - Black Metal
Album: Black Metal; Label: Neat Records
Doro - Breaking the Law
Album: Classic Diamonds; Label: AFM Records
Illnath - Scarecrow
Album: Third Act In The Theater of Madness; Label: Pitch Black Records
7 days - The Innocence in Me
Album: Into Forever; Label: Rivel Records
Holy Moses - Queen of Siam
Album: Queen Of Siam; Label: Aaargh Records
Draconian - Reversion ad Secesum
Album: Where Lovers Mourn; Label: Napalm Records
Cradle of Filth - thank you lucky scars
Album: Evermore Darkly; Label: Peaceville Records
Imperial Vengeance - The Voice of Thelema
Album: Black Heart of Empire; Label: Transcend
Crysalys - Butterfly Effect
Album: The Awakening of Gaia; Label: Self-Released
Magica - Mountains On Ice
Album: The Best Of; Label: Independent
Sigh - Silver Universe
Album: Gallows Gallery; Label: Candlelight Records
Autumn - Cold Comfort
Album: Cold Comfort; Label: Metal Blade Records
Nemesea - Quiet Resistance
Album: Quiet Resistance; Label: Napalm Records
Nemesea - Caught In The Middle
Album: Quiet Resistance; Label: Napalm Records
Nemesea - Stay With Me
Album: Quiet Resistance; Label: Napalm Records
Mortal Love - I Make The Mistake
Album: Forever Will Be Gone; Label: Massacre Records
The Murder Of My Sweet - Storms of the Sea
Album: Divanity; Label: Frontier Records
Octavia Sperati - Going North
Album: Grace Submerged; Label: Candlelight Records
Chthonic - Broken Jade
Album: Takasago Army; Label: Spinefarm Records
Eldergaad - Malevolant Imprint
Album: Children Of Gaad; Label: Unsigned/Independent
Bywar - Abduction
Album: Abduction; Label: Mutilation Records
Deretla - Crystal Mountain
Album: Live On The Root of All Evil Show 9/18/11; Label: Unsigned/Independent
Root - The Apocalypse
Album: Heritage of Satan; Label: Agonia Records
Negativland - Bite Back
Album: Dispepsi; Label: Seeland Records
Crossover - The Secret Room
Album: Pythagorized; Label: Orkestral Promenade Production
Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Kakumei no Kuro Ki Bara
Album: Sangeki No Chi Ni Seki Soma Tta Ai To Zetsu; Label: Unsigned/independent
My Dying Bride - And Then You Go
Album: Evinta; Label: Peaceville Records
Sunn O))) - Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound
Album: The Iron Soul Of Nothing; Label: Southern Lord
Sink - Severance
Album: Truth/Severance EP; Label: Svart
Esoteric - Non Being
Album: Paragon Of Dissonance; Label: Season Of Mist
Opeth - I Feel The Dark
Album: Heritage; Label: Roadrunner Records
Air Date: 
November 20, 2011

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