8/31/2007 Radio Rumpus Room


They're souped up for thrills and there's no limit to what they'll do!

-- tagline for _Hot Rods To Hell_ (1967)


_We were joined at mid-show via phone by Barry Pirkola of Duluth's Hoot Owls. The Owls will be playing at Saturday's Surf Stomp at the Hexagon Bar. We talked about the challenges of being a surf'n'hot rod band in Duluth, traditional hot rods and their new album, Alien Scrapyard._

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: The Replacements - Jungle Rock
Album: The Ledge double-12 EP; Label: Sire
Monsters From The Surf - Beach Blanket Bimbo
Album: self-titled; Label: www.monstersfromthesurf.com
The Ramones - Rockaway Beach
Album: Rocket To Russia; Label: Sire
The Hawaiians - Waikiki Playbat Club
Album: Hula On Mars; Label: Kamikaze
The Woggles - I Got A Line
Album: Soul-Sizzling 7 Meltdown; Label: Chicken Ranch
Howlin' Andy Hound - It's Your Time
Album: The Bid Bad Sound Of...; Label: Mod Holland
Wreckless Eric - Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.)
Album: Big Smash!; Label: Stiff
Michael Yonkers Band - I Told You
Album: Unbroken; Label: Go Johnny Go
Los Manganzoides - 7+7 Es
Album: El Enttierro de Los Manganzoides; Label: Rastrillo
IRA - Dooley vs The Ferris Wheel
Album: v/a An Overdose Of Heavy Psych; Label: Arf! Arf!
________________ -
Album: ; Label:
Interview with Barry Pirkola of Duluth's Hoot Owls -
Album: ; Label:
The Hoot Owls - Hidey Hole
Album: Alien Scrapyard; Label:
The Hoot Owls - Alien Scrapyard
Album: Alien Scrapyard; Label:
The Hoot Owls - Gonna Build Me A Hot Rod
Album: Alien Scrapyard; Label:
The Hoot Owls - In My Garage
Album: Alien Scrapyard; Label:
_________________ -
Album: ; Label:
Dollar Store - Scrap Truck
Album: Money Music; Label: Bloodshot
Freakwater - Cheap Watch
Album: End Time; Label: Thrill Jockey
King Louie The Loose Diamonds - Negative Contact [10-77]
Album: Memphis Treet; Label: Empty
Dick Dale His Del-tones - Tidal Wave
Album: Summer Surf reish; Label: Sundazed
Air Date: 
August 31, 2007

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