8/29/2007 Echo Chamber


DJ Baby Swiss flies solo inna Echo Chamber... The crazy Swiss flight included new stuff from The Drastics, Smokin' Fuzz, Zion Train, The Pietasters, and Riddimates. Also a Dub Specialist (from Studio 1) set, a Lee Perry vs. Niney the Observer set, some Treasure Isle Dub and much more...
Artist - Track 1 Track 2 / Album [Label]
Dub Trio - Drive-By Dub Casting Out the Nines / Exploring the dangers of [ROIR]
Mad Professor - Slice of the Pie Dub-o-Tronic / DubTronic [Ariwa-Ras-Mazaroni]
*The Drastics - Nilbog Still Waiting / Waiting [Jump Up]
Moon Hop - Dubiron Building / Welcome Back to the Moon [Patate]
- (bumpers) 3 unnamed short li'l Froggies during EAS -
Moon Hop - Flatiron Building From Raggs to Ritches (sic) / Welcome Back to the Moon [Patate]
*Smokin' Fuzz - Monkeys All My Lovin' / Walla Porquoi (Because, Parceque!) [Big 8]
*Riddimates - Galaxy Is In Oneself Get Up Stand Up / Too Much Blowing is Just Right [Ska In The World]

(bumper) Pro-Pleasure Gas (Voovie Dub) / forthcoming It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
*The Pietasters - Dream of You Sketch Dub / All Day [Indication]

And now, 4 cuts from Dub Specialist's Version Dread [Heartbeat-Studio 1]
Winston and the New Establishment - Creation Version Sound Dimension - Please Be True Version Willie the Brentford Rockers - Armagideon Version Soul Vendors - Born to Dub

Bim Sherman - Lightning and Thunder Ball of Fire / v.a. 12 box set 3cd [Trojan]
David Isaacs Jah Thomas - Just Like the Sea Ting a Ling / v.a. 12 box set 3cd [Trojan]
Reinhard Flatischler - Ancient Feelings / Layers of Time [Ellipsis Arts]
Noiseshaper - Love to the Rhythm (Chad's Dream DUB) You Take Control (Latte's Groove remix) / (both tks.) Heal the Nation EP [Miracle Sounds]

The Musical Intimidators - Marijuana Version The Observers - Headline Thwe Green Stars - Effortless Dub / (all tks.) v.a. Dub Rarities box
set 3cd [Trojan]
Lee Perry - Kentucky Skank The Observers - Water Boiling / [both tks.) v.a.Producers - Lee Perry vs. Niney the Observer [One Stop]
Sub Dub - Drifting / s-t [Ambient]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - X-Ray Ska
Sub Dub - Assunni / s-t [Ambient]

-from Treasure Isle Dub vol. 2. The band is The Supersonics, the engineer Errol Brown. [Culture Press-Treasure Isle]
Gemini Rock Guidance Top Ranking Love Chant

John Brown's Body - A Little Bit of Dub / All Time [I-Town]
*Zion Train - Tribute to Keng Keng / Live as One [Universal Egg]
Riddimates - Sunny / Too Much Blowin'is Just Right [Ska In The World]
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

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August 29, 2007