The Porchlights Live on Dig Up the Roots Tuesday May 12 before 501 Club that night!

Come down to the 501 for fine, fun old-timey and East Euro gypsy style music Tuesday! I host excellent folk-duo The Porchlights (Martin Devaney/Jake Hyer) performing live on my 2nd Tues. morning hosting KFAI Dig Up the Roots. Then I and KFAI bring 'em to you live at the 501 Club, for Cyn's 2nd Tuesdays starting at 8 p.m.

You won't want to miss Devaney and Hyer's beautiful harmonies, great songwriting, and instrumentation. Show up and help them come up with a new name!

The Porchlights will be followed by Old Man Orville, mostly all-girl (and a guy) string band that's indescribable fun to listen and dance to — East Euro folk punk klesmer gypsy . . . with violin, banjo, accordion and more, with fine vocals and drinking song moments. Catch them at this, their last show before Cat moves to Alaska!

Check out The Porchlights here:

And Old Man Orville here:
There may be a special guest . . . I'll keep you posted.

See you at the wonderful 501 Club, never a cover! Great food and drink. Just east of downtown, and a little northwest of the West Bank.