8/24/2007 MN Soundtrack


Hosted by Jackie and Nathan

Playlist Tracks: 
**marlah - knock 'em dead
Album: these curses; Label: say rah
**The Blind Shake - Calling all Horses
Album: rizzograph; Label: learning curve records
**red fox grey fox - oh my goodness! oh good grief! look at those clouds
Album: form the land bears, ice and rock; Label: say rah
**pictures of then - samson
Album: crushed by light; Label:
**fog - inflatable ape pt.3
Album: ditherer; Label: lex records
================ - ===============
Album: ==============; Label: =============
Carbon Carousel - Savior Simplex
Album: sampler; Label: tinderbox
**Lady Slipper - Tinnitus
Album: The Time not the Weather; Label: Say Rah
**Little Man - out for miles
Album: soulful automatic; Label: self released
Digitata - Sea Scandal
Album: Sexually Transmitted Emotion; Label: Totally Gross National Product
++++++++++++++= - +++++++++++=
Album: +++++++++++++++=; Label: +++++++++++++=
A Night in the Box - Don't Do Me Wrong
Album: The Hustle, The Prayer, The Thief; Label: Afternoon records
Superhopper - When You're Down and Out
Album: Party Killers; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Mercurial Rage - rage 01
Album: The Funeral Sessions; Label: self released
------------------ - -----------------------
Album: ---------------------; Label: -------------------
Lonesome Dan Kase - Wreck of the Old '97
Album: Leave Here Walkin'; Label: Mercy Records
Bellwether - Catalina
Album: Seven and Six; Label: rust belt records
**Floorbirds - Washburn Blues
Album: Field Recordings; Label: Victrola
**Desdamona - Mellow Blue
Album: The Source; Label: Zlink Entertainment
============== - =================
Album: ==============; Label: =========
**Carnage - Bring the Soul Back
Album: Sense of Sound; Label: Hecatomb
Felt - Morris Day
Album: ; Label:
Anselark - listening for unmade moments
Album: ; Label:
Air Date: 
August 24, 2007

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