8/23/2007 Fresh Fruit


Hello everyone

Yes, this is my last show on KFAI radio - 90.3 Minneapolis FM and 106.7 FM St Paul. The last two years have been a GREAT experience in my life. My partner Bill and I are moving to Denver on August 31, 2007.

Tonight I will be hosting Tom from the Wilde Roast Cafe. While I had two other guests lined up - they both bailed so it will be an interview, announcements and great music. I want to thank Lee Combs, Dixie Treichel and John Townsend for their support and interest in the community and inspiring me to be a part of the Queer collective.

Good news! With our move to Denver I have contacted KGNU community radio in Boulder/Denver and I will be working with the management on a GLBT show. While I have programming classes to attend to first - I will be back on the air by late Fall. Thanks for all of your support.

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