8/23/2007 Write On Radio!


Poets Freya Manfred and Thomas R. Smith read from their work.

Freya is the author of MY ONLY HOME (2000) and from SWIMMING WITH A HUNDRED YEAR OLD SNAPPING TURTLE (due NOV 2007). After hearing some of the poems in SWIMMING, Robert Bly said, This is Freya Manfred with the gloves off. Freya says they're poems about lakes, love, and life written by a snapping turtle.

Thomas R. Smith reads from his 2007 Red Dragonfly Press collection, WAKING BEFORE DAWN. There are poems about love, commitment to the life of art, elegies, and poems about the war and being awake to the deceptions perpetrated on the American people. He also throws in a handful of poems from his KINNICKINNIC chapbook, forthcoming next year from Parallel Press.

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