8/20/2007 Jet Set Planet


Expect the unexpected as Sherwood's Planet collides with Jet Set Planet tonight, August 20 at 10:30 pm. Jet Set Planet host Glen Leslie is off on a vinyl-hunting expedition in deepest Maine, leaving Rocket Ship Ska Trip's Cpt. 2much Freetime at the helm. Will the two Planets successfully skirt each other, though evidencing the mutual gravitational tugs of each? Or will they collide head-on in a demo derby of solar system-shattering proportions? Guess you'll have to tune in Jet Set Planet tonight, August 20, from 10:30 pm - midnight to find out!


Mutant Frogs - This Just In... / forthcoming It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Manuel Garcia con su Orq. - Sweet and Gentle / Cha Cha and Tangos [Valiant]

(1.) Tacit Blessing - (indecipherable) (2.) The Sound of Silverstones - Tabu
/ both tks. v.a. Teen Dance Music from China and Malaysia [Thrift Score]

Perez Prado - Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White / Mambo Mania [RCA]
Xavier Cugat - Mambo Jambo / The Original Latin Dance King [Columbia-Legacy]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Slide On By / forthcoming It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Paul Horn Quintet - Tall Polynesian / Something Blue [hifijazz]
Ry Cooder Manuel Galban - Bodas de Oro / Mambo Sinuendoo [Nonesuch-Perro Verde]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Our Pond / forthcoming It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Arling Cameron - Hermann / Music for Imaginary Films [Emperor Norton]
Money Mark - Use Your Head / changeiscoming [Emperor Norton]
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Summertime / B-3 Blues and Grooves [Bullseye Blues]
James Taylor Quartet - Brothers Batacuda / GetORGANized [Polydor-Verve]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Lunar Lily Pad / forthcoming It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Nino Nardini - Bali Girl / v.a. Orchestral Party Act 2 [Saint Germain des Prez]
Combustible Edison - In The Garden of Earthly Delights / the Impossible World [Sub Pop]
Thelonious Moog - Hocus Pocus / American Standard [GrownUP]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Penguin On Vacation / forthcoming It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Tipsy - Seaweed / Uh-oh! [Asphodel]
Death by Chocolate - Daddy Out of Focus / s-t [Jetset]
Hal Blaine - Gear Stripper / Deuces, T's, Roadsters and Drums [Sundazed]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - It's One of Ours (tt) / forthcoming release [Skankworks-IMT]
Byron Lee the Dragonaires - Fly Me To the Moon / Caribbean Joyride [Starline]
Carlos Malcolm - One Mint Julep / The Royal Ska [Jamaican Gold]
Roger King Mozian - Estacy / Spectacular Percussion Goes Latin [MGM]

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August 20, 2007

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