8/3/2007 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Pretty Boy Thorson The Fallen Angels - If The Drining Don't Kill Me, I'll Think of Something Else
Album: Ain't It Funny...; Label: Redemption Value
Ghost In The Water - How To Draw A Ghost
Album: upcoming LP; Label:
Human Boy - Track 2
Album: EP; Label:
Baby Guts - Tetnis
Album: Gasoline; Label: Afternoon Records
Mute Era - Mute Era
Album: Demo; Label:
Birthday Suits - Automatic Oh Oh Yeah Yeah
Album: Cherry Blue; Label: Nice N' Neat
Bridge Club - On The Take
Album: The Scorched Capsule; Label:
Tulip Sweet Her Trail Of Tears - Puppet Show
Album: Touched; Label:
Ice Palace - Nuance and Spark
Album: Bright Leaf Left; Label:
Ela - Fortune
Album: Real Blood On Fake Trees; Label: Afternoon Records
Kruddler - Falls Down Once Again
Album: Tuesday Night Lie; Label: Learning Curve Records
Digitata - You Best Believe Me
Album: 2 Daggers; Label:
Akai - Beautiful
Album: Pretty Songs About Ugly Things; Label:
P.O.S. - Stand Up
Album: Audition; Label: Rhyme Sayers..
Felt - Dirty Girl
Album: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet; Label: Rhyme Sayers..
Mouthful Of Bees - The Now
Album: The End; Label: Afternoon Records
Har Mar Superstar - Power Lunch
Album: You Can Feel Me; Label: Warner Bros. Records
Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love
Album: Microminiature Love; Label: Sub Pop
Ouija Radio - Cookie
Album: Oh No Yes Yes; Label: Crustacean Records
Ben Weaver - Like A Vine After The Sun
Album: Paper Sky; Label:
The Replacements - Johnny's Gonna Die
Album: Sorry Ma....; Label: Twin Tone
Air Date: 
August 3, 2007

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