11/11/2011 The Minnesota Sound


Stop Drop Plays Live In Studio

Playlist Tracks: 
Jezebel Jones - Queen of the Devil's Rodeo
Album: Queen of the Devil's Rodeo; Label: s/r
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo - My Head is on Display
Album: Fables of the Cloth; Label: s/r
Doomtree - No Way
Album: No Kings; Label: Doomtree
Toki Wright - Memories
Album: MN Music for MN Kids; Label: Children's Hospital
Buildings - Johnny Get Your Coke
Album: Buildings; Label: s/r
Blind Shake - On Me
Album: Seriousness; Label: Learning Curve
Pert Near Sandstone - 1
Album: Paradise Hop; Label: s/r
Stop Drop - The River
Album: Live in Studio 4; Label: Unreleased
Stop Drop - Caffeine Culture
Album: Live in Studio 4; Label: Unreleased
Stop Drop - Tour Song
Album: Live in Studio 4; Label: Unreleased
Teenage Moods - Attic Years
Album: Teenage Moods; Label: s/r
Sunny Era - Odessa
Album: Gone Missing; Label: s/r
Alpha Consumer - K.C. Bound
Album: Gary Victorsen's; Label: s/r
Oaks - untitled
Album: Oaks; Label: Ass Records
Man Sized Action - Claustrophobia
Album: Claustrophobia; Label: Reflex
Goy G Biv - Off My Path
Album: Roy G Biv; Label: White Light
Peter Lang - Poor Howard
Album: Prime Cuts; Label: Waterhouse
Air Date: 
November 11, 2011

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