11/9/2011 Dart Gun Radio


Black angels, King Khan, Daisy Chainsaw, All, Decks, Frantics, Sicbay, Dessa, Sin 34, Gits, Jawbreaker, Wreckless Eric, Stiff little fingers, Paley & Francis,the Beets, the Black Bells and MORE MORE MORE!!! - 36 songs in all!

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo of Flies - How does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
the Black Angels - Science Killer
Album: Directsions to see a Ghost; Label: Blue Horizon Ventures
Gemma Ray - Swampsnake
Album: It's a shame about; Label: Bronzerat Records
King Khan and the strines - In your grave
Album: What is?!; Label: Vice
Daisy Chainsaw - Dog with sharper teeth
Album: Eleventeeth; Label: chamelion
Country Teasers - Mosquito
Album: V/A Chepo crypt; Label: Crypt records
Album: Percolator; Label: sst
Descendents - Hope
Album: Milo goes to college; Label: SST
the Decks - Fight or Flight
Album: Breath and Bone; Label: Self Released
the Frantics - Werewolf
Album: V/A Halloween garage rock; Label: ios
Sicbay - Susicious Icons
Album: suspicious Icons; Label: 40/45 or fight
Pizies - Rocka my soul
Album: Pixies; Label: 4ad
Dessa - the Crow
Album: Cstor, the twin; Label: Doomtree
Sin 34 - Not
Album: Superseven presents 60 bands under 60 seconds; Label: Superseven
White Flag - Celebate
Album: Superseven presents 60 bands under 60 seconds; Label: Superseven
the Gits - Another Shot of Wiskey
Album: Frenching the Bully; Label: Broken Wreckid
Jawbreaker - Jet Black
Album: Dear You; Label: Blackball Records
Jawbreaker - Want
Album: Unfun; Label: Blackball Records
Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
Album: Big Smash; Label: Vice
X - Johnny hit and run Pauleen
Album: Los Angelese; Label: slash
The Scientists - Murderess in a purple Dress
Album: Blood red river 1982-1984; Label: ATP
the Black Keys - Too afriad to love you
Album: Brothers; Label: nonsuch
Onigo Biongo - Stay
Album: Dead Mans's Party; Label: RCA
Tom Petty - You don't know how it feels
Album: Wildflowers; Label: warner brothers
the Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
Album: Beggars Banquet; Label: Decca
stiff little fingers - 78 rpm
Album: Inflammable Material; Label: Chrysalis
stiff little fingers - Bloody Sunday
Album: Nobody's heros; Label: Chrysalis
the Stooges - I need Somebody
Album: Raw Power; Label: RCA
Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
Album: Smile Sessions; Label: Capitol Records
Paul Westerberg - AAA
Album: Mono; Label: Verve
the Black Bells - Honkey Tonk Horror
Album: ep; Label: 3rd man
The Beets - Without you
Album: let the poision out; Label: hardly art
mr Gnome - wolf girls
Album: madness on minature; Label: El Marko Records
Paley amp; Francis - on the corner
Album: Francis and Paley; Label: Urban Union
The Scientists - when fate deals its mortal blow
Album: sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
November 9, 2011