11/8/2011 Bonjour Minnesota


Tonight's program is a mix of old and new music from France and French-speaking countries. We will be playing an excerpt from the Minnesota Opera's newly-commissioned works, Silent Night. The opera is in English, French and German, the language of the soldiers. The story is true and is about the 1914 Christmas Eve truce, when soldiers of both sides laid down their weapons.

Playlist Tracks: 
Vanessa Paradis M - La Seine
Album: Un Monstre à Paris; Label: Europa Corp.
Edouard - La Paix Dans les Dunes
Album: Ramasseur des Balles; Label: Edouard Dugois
Monsieur Lune - Reviens Pas
Album: Il Pleut des Luges; Label: Papa Luna Productions l'autre disc
Jeanne Garraud - Ne Me Fais Pas Trop Attendre
Album: Association Rocking Chair; Label: R Promotional CD
HK et les Saltimbanks - Passer Ma Vie
Album: Pias; Label: Promotional CD
Teofilo Chantre - Tu Verrais
Album: Mestissage; Label: Lusafrica
Minnesota Opera Chorale - Sleep (from opera Silent Night)
Album: opera (live); Label: Minnesota Opera promotional
Charles Aznavour - Inobliable
Album: Aznavour au Carnegie Hall; Label: EMI
Charles Aznavour - Isabelle
Album: Aznavour au Carnegie Hall; Label: EMI
Dan Newton's Cafe Accordion Orchestra - Bateau Mouche
Album: Cinema; Label: DN0046
Air Date: 
November 8, 2011

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