11/6/2011 Wave Project


Playlist Tracks: 
Neville Brothers - Family Groove
Album: Family Groove; Label: A & M
Okee Dokee Brothers - Antidisestablishmentarianism
Album: Take It Outside; Label: Okee Dokee Music
Jim Gill - The Onomatopoeia Pizzeria
Album: usic Play For Folks Of All Stripes; Label: Jim Gill Music
Justin Roberts - We Go Duck
Album: Jungle Gym; Label: Carpet Square Records
Will Hale - Falling Down
Album: All The Best; Label: Tadpole Parade
Music Together - Don Alfredo Baila
Album: Music Together Sticks; Label: Music Together Sticks
Casey Jones - Birthday Song
Album: Twin Cities Kid Stuf; Label: Aural Fixation
Music Together - I'm Freezing
Album: Music Together Sticks; Label: Music Together Sticks
Jim Cosgrove - Hang On Mama
Album: Swimming In Noodles; Label: Jim Cosgrove Publishing
Uncle Rock - Leave The Bees Be
Album: The Big Picture; Label: U Rock
Heidi Howe - On My Bike
Album: Give A Hootenanny; Label: EarXtacy Records
Imagination Movers - Field Trip
Album: Eight Feet; Label: Rec Room Records
Candy Band - The Alphabet Song
Album: Calling All Kids; Label: Rockinmama Records
Monty Harper & Mr. Billy - Dance Dance Dance
Album: Let’s Get Creative; Label: Monty & Billy
Will Hale - She Shines
Album: She Shines; Label: Tadpole Parade