10/27/2011 Fresh Fruit


David Tomlinson of Sotaboyzz:http://www.facebook.com/sotaboyzz.entglbt
Sotaboyzz is provides social events, services and safe sex programming to the GLBT community and youth, with a special focus on people of color. David discusses his organization and their upcoming Halloween Ball on Sunday, October 30th, at 8 pm at All God's Children.

Sam Wolfe is an attorney and leading team member of the LGBT Rights Project with the Southern Poverty Law Center:http://www.splcenter.org/what-we-do/lgbt-rights
Sam discusses student rights in school, including the law governing GSAs and student free expression rights.

Jamie Nabozny:http://www.jamienabozny.com/ is the first successful plaintiff in suing a school for failing to protect students from harassment and violence. He's also the subject of the Teaching Tolerance documentary Bullied, and acts a consultant and speaker in schools on bullying issue.

Playlist Tracks: 
George Michael - Feeling Good
Album: Twenty Five; Label: Sony
Mista Majah P - Gay Bullying
Album: Tolerance; Label: KOK Music
David Carlson - For The Children
Album: David James Carlson Collection; Label: Carlsong
David Tomlinson - Organizer
Topics: Sotaboyzz outreach services and social organization.
Sam Wolfe - Attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center
Topics: Student rights
Jamie Nabozny - Consultant and speaker
Topics: School bullying