7/26/2007 Fresh Fruit


*Norman Strizek hosts Fresh Fruit*

My guests tonight are: Peterson Toscano [telephone interview] Partnered with Christine Bakke and sponsored the Ex-Gay Survivor Conference. Christine Bakke (the co-founder of www.beyondexgay.com) and Peterson partnered the group with Soulforce to organize the conference. They are both ex-gay survivors. Peterson will share with the audience about the conference and the ex-gay survivor movement. He was also present at a special dinner for Exodus leaders.

Interview with Jim Maurer: Jim is the Manager/Director of Park House. Park House is a Day Health/Mental Health Treatment Center for adults living with HIV/AIDS established on World AIDS Day December 1, 1996. It is house in the historic Crosby mansion on 22nd and Park, Minneapolis, MN. Park House is officially an out-pateint clinic of Abbott Northwestern Hospital and serves a diverse group of men and women living with AIDS/HIV and mental illness.

Interview with Dean Seal: Dean is the Adjunct Instructor of Religion, Augsburg College, Minneapolis. Teaching freshman and nursing students Introduction to Christianity and the Search for Vocation. Spring 2006-present. He is a writer and television and radio personality and responsible for Manna Fest. He will be talking about two gay productions currently in Manna Fest - Mrs. Man of God and Lead Us Not.

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