10/10/2011 Health Notes


Raw Food For Everyone and The Super Conscious Power - Dr. Micheal Monroe Kiefer

Alissa Cohen talks with Kinshasha about her bible of Raw Food Preparation Raw Food For Everyone

In the second half hour we moved to the power of the mind, Dr. Micheal Monroe Kiefer helps us how to understand and apply the Law of Attraction in your life to gain perfect health, more wealth and the wisdom of self-power! His new book, Super Conscious Power is not mystical psycho-babble but, based on decades of historical as well as current research from the; Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab, the Rochester Institute of Technology Psychoneuroimmunology Dept., The Stanford Lab, the U.S. Government, and a number of other scientific and clinical sources. Popular myths surrounding positive thinking, positive mental attitude, etc, are debunked and the exact, effective, proven techniques are revealed. The information is put forth in easy to understand plain language with techniques you can apply immediately in your life to get quick results. A number of real life documented case studies are included as illustrations. Thoroughly researched, easy to understand and apply. Stop struggling and get the results you desire... fast!!!

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Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
Album: 30 Greatest Hits; Label: Atlantic
Alissa Cohen - Raw Food For Everyone
Topics: Raw Food Diet
Dr. Micheal Monroe Kiefer - Super Conscious Power
Topics: Research on Law of Attraction
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October 10, 2011

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