10/9/2011 Root Of All Evil


Playlist Tracks: 
Devin Townsend - Regulator
Album: Ocean Machine; Label: Hevy Devy
Cannibal Corpse - Pit Of Zombies
Album: Gore Obsessed; Label: Metal Blade Records
Testament - Dog Faced Gods
Album: Dog Faced Gods; Label: Atlantic Records
Agrypnie - Der Tote Trakt
Album: 16[485]; Label: Supreme Chaos
Ihsahn - Scarab
Album: Angl; Label: Mnemosyne Productions
Leprous - Thorn
Album: Bilateral; Label: InsideOut
Leprous - Waste Of Air
Album: Bilateral; Label: InsideOut
In Flames - Ordinary Story
Album: Colony; Label: Nuclear Blast
Fight - Contortion
Album: War Of Words; Label: Epic Sony
Yuhrott - Forever More
Album: Demo Collection; Label: Unsigned
Biomechanical - DNA Metastasis
Album: Empires Of The World; Label: Earache
Angel Dust - Unite
Album: Of Human Bondage; Label: Century Media
Heretic - And Kingdoms Fall
Album: Breaking Point; Label: Metal Blade
Chris Caffery - Pisses Me Off (2007)
Album: Pins And Needles; Label: Metal Heaven
King Diamond - Black Devil
Album: House Of God; Label: Massacre Records
Vreid - Heroes amp; Villians
Album: Milorg; Label: Indie Recordings
Merlin - Zombie Ritual
Album: Brutal Constructor; Label: Great White North Records
Sigh - The Zombie Terror
Album: Infidel Art; Label: Cacophonous Records
Devin Townsend Project - Pandemic
Album: Deconstruction; Label: HevyDevy/Inside Out
Gazelle Twin - Fight-Or-Flight
Album: The Entire City; Label: Self-Released
Arch Enemy - Ravenous
Album: Wages Of Sin; Label: Century Media
Wendy Williams - You're A Zombie
Album: Maggots; Label: Giga Saurus
Grayceon - Once a Shadow
Album: All We Destroy; Label: Profound Lore Records
Agonist - Born Dead, Bury Alive
Album: Once Only Imagine; Label: Century Media
Battle Beast - Show Me How To Die
Album: Steel; Label: Hype Records
Benedictum - Beast In The Field
Album: Seasons of Tragedy; Label: Locomotive Records
Therion - Flesh of Gods
Album: Deggial; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Amaranthe - Hunger
Album: Hunger EP; Label: Spinefarm Records
Turmion Katilot - Hellbound Earth
Album: Hellbound Earth EP; Label: Self-Released
Undead Corporation - Ryome Hirakeba Kikyo
Album: Onigazoushi; Label: Independent
Denia - Last Human On Earth
Album: Rest in Doom; Label: Hardleywood Records
Omega Lithium - Infest
Album: Stigmata; Label: Self-Released
Theatres Des Vampires - Sangue
Album: Moonlight Waltz; Label: Aural Music
Deadlock - Slaughter Palace
Album: Manifesto; Label: Lifeforce Records
Unexpect - When the Joyful dead are Walking
Album: Fables of the Sleeping Empire; Label: Independent
Glorior Belli - The Great Southern Darkness
Album: The Great Southern Darkness; Label: Metal Blade Records
Massacration - Away Doom
Album: Gates Of Metal Fried Chicken Of Death; Label: Deckdisc
Tyrant of Death - Of Opium And Roses
Album: Alice's Heroin Wonderland; Label: Unsigned
Fuck The Facts - Lifeless
Album: Die Miserable; Label: Relapse Records
David Lynch's Hat - Sandwich Hat
Album: Stuff and Things; Label: Unsigned
Shaded Enmity - Bury Me On A Hill
Album: Hijo Perdido; Label: Unsigned
Xcentric Noizz - Inner Torsion
Album: Abs; Label: Unsigned
Drone Throne - Ghost Smoke
Album: Everbody Dies Alone; Label: Boue
Smargroth - The Anvil Of Fate
Album: Enpyreal Cycle; Label: Unsigned
Insorcist - Warlock Psychic and Occultist
Album: The Slaughter Of Devine Creed; Label: Unsigned
Imperial Vengeance - Black Heart Of Empire
Album: Black Heart Of Empire; Label: Transcend
Van Canto - Black Wings Of Hate
Album: Break The Silence; Label: Napalm Records
Blotted Science - Cretaceous Chasm
Album: The Animation Of Entomology; Label: Unsigned
Universe 217 - City
Album: Familiar Places; Label: Venerate
Low Budget Orchestra - Empty Vessels Of Infinity
Album: Innerstellar; Label: Unsigned
Albez Duz - Redeemer
Album: Albez Duz; Label: Archaic Sound
Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper
Album: Traced in Air; Label: Season of Mist
Opeth - I Feel The Dark
Album: Heritage; Label: Roadrunner Records
My Dying Bride - In Your Dark
Album: Evinta; Label: Peaceville Records
Steven Wilson - Fluid Tap
Album: Grace For Drowning; Label: Kscope
DTP - Mend
Album: Ghost II; Label: HevyDevy/Inside Out
Air Date: 
October 9, 2011

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