10/7/2011 The Minnesota Sound


Sky, Gracie and Emily sit in with me for pledge drive

Playlist Tracks: 
Junk Boat - Honey Bee
Album: Junk Boat; Label: Sparta Sound
Mary Louise Knutson - Bernies Tune
Album: In The Bubble; Label: Meridian Jazz
Peter Wolf Crier - Right Away
Album: Garden Of Arms; Label: Jagjaguwar
Brute Heart - electric
Album: Lonely Hunter; Label: Soft Abuse
Is/Is - Pretty Girl
Album: This Happening; Label: s/r
Rank Strangers - My Green Valentine
Album: My Green Valentine; Label: s/r
Mother Of Fire - Hunter Hunted
Album: The Vaccum of Infinite Space Encompassing All; Label: Sword Fighter
Retribution Gosper Chior - Workin Hard
Album: 2; Label: Sub Pop
Hanover Fist - American Dream
Album: American Dream; Label: n/a
Figures - Lyndon Station
Album: The Gateway; Label: Twin Tone
Rifle Sport - Value of Reason
Album: Value of Reason; Label: Reflex
Scaphe - Mr. Stork
Album: Forking Paths; Label: Insides Music
Cognitive Dissonance - Into Maddiness
Album: Into Maddness; Label: s/t
Condominium - I Dont Hate Any of You
Album: Condominium; Label: s/t
Theives - untitled
Album: Thieves; Label: s/t
Air Date: 
October 7, 2011

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