9/30/2011 The Minnesota Sound


Cyn Collins sits in with me for Pledge Drive

Playlist Tracks: 
Walker Fields - Soak It In
Album: Gettin' By; Label: Not Cute Yet
Cactus Blossoms - n/a
Album: Cactus Blossoms; Label: s/r
Black Fish - untitled
Album: Tallahassee; Label: s/r
Greg Inhofner - Manic Depression
Album: Music For The Upright Walking; Label: s/r
Cloak Ox - Artist at the Door
Album: Stuck on AM 7; Label: Radio K
STNNNG - Victory over the Sun
Album: Signal to Trust split 7; Label: Modern Radio
Kitten Forever - Flesh
Album: Kitten Forever; Label: s/r
Children of Euler - And Yet It Moves
Album: Terricide split 12; Label: s/r
Chambermaids - China Blue
Album: Glebfest; Label: S.A.C.
Bouncer Fighter - Pillow in a Coffin
Album: Satirical Spirituals; Label: Anti-CIV
Metzger, Seru , Fine - Untitled
Album: Medusa'a Lair; Label: Locust Sound
Claudia Schmidt - Skin Gangsters
Album: New Hellos, Old Goodbyes; Label: Flying Fish
Grant Hart - Naricissus, Naricissus
Album: Hot Wax; Label: Con D' Or
Sex Rays - Aint That Lovin You Baby
Album: Sex Rays; Label: Bareass Records
Blind Shake - Out Of Work
Album: Seriousness; Label: Learning Curve
The Gestures - Run Run Run
Album: Big Hits of Mid America; Label: Soma Records
Air Date: 
September 30, 2011

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