9/22/2011 Fresh Fruit


Pete and Kendrick discuss the upcoming marriage amendment with people working on the campaign to defeat it - Minnesotans United For All Families. Guests Leah Solo, political consultant from the Human Rights Campaign; Donald McFarland, the project manager from Minnesotans United For All Families; and Chris Stinson, organizing director from OutFront Minnesota share the essentials of the campaign and explain what you can do to become involved.

Plus, Pete and Kendrick profile another queer youth activist, Gabe Aderhold, for his work to ensure equality for all.

More information can be found at:

Minnesotans United For All Familes:http://www.mnunited.org/

OutFront Minnesota:http://www.outfront.org/home

Human Rights Campaign:http://www.hrc.org/

And research about effective messaging is found here:

Freedom To Marry:http://www.freedomtomarry.org/

Third Way:http://thirdway.org/subjects/11/publications/377

Grove Insight:http://www.groveinsight.com/

Why Marriage Matters:http://www.whymarriagematters.org/

Playlist Tracks: 
George Michael - Feeling Good
Album: Twenty Five; Label: Sony
Mista Majah P - Gay Marriage
Album: Tolerance; Label: Kokmusic
Frank Sinatra - Love and Marriage
Album: Nothing But The Best; Label: Reprise
Human League - Love Is All That Matters
Album: Crash; Label: Virgin
Amy Winehouse - I Heard Love Is Blind
Album: Frank; Label: Universal
Gabe Aderhold - Youth Activist
Topics: Activism, equality, and marriage.
Leah Solo - Political Consultant with the Human Rights Campaign
Topics: The campaign to defeat the marriage amendment
Donald McFarland - Project Manager of Minnesotans United For All Families
Topics: The campaign to defeat the marriage amendment
Chris Stinson - Organizing Director for OutFront Minnesota
Topics: The campaign to defeat the marriage amendment