9/9/2011 Jet Set Planet


Episode #316

(N) Artist's Debut on the program
{R} Request

Playlist Tracks: 
Ames Brothers - Destination Moon
Album: Destination Moon; Label: RCA
Ray Anthony - Song of India
Album: Direction '71; Label: Ranwood
Dave Cavanaugh - The World We Knew
Album: Hits on Hits; Label: Capitol
Afro Blues quintet Plus One - Spartacus
Album: Discovery 3; Label: Mira
Leo Addeo - Instanbul
Album: Far Away Places; Label: RCA
Manny Album - Rare Snare
Album: Drum Feast; Label: UA
Nancy Ames - Carcara
Album: Latin Pulse; Label: Epic
Jan August - Boogie Woogi Cha Cha
Album: Cha Cha Charm; Label: Mercury
Jerry Cole and his Spacemen - Rosarita Surf
Album: Surf Age; Label: Capitol
Dick Dia - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Album: TV Potpourri; Label: AF
Ethel Azama - Squeeze Me
Album: Cool Heat; Label: Liberty
Ray Anthony - 707
Album: Like Wild!; Label: Capitol
Larry Schaffer Orchestra - Mission Outside
Album: Mission Impossible; Label: Custom
Bob Crewe - Concrete and Clay
Album: Music to Watch Girls By; Label: Bell
Bob Crewe Orchestra - Marlena
Album: Plays the 4 Seasons' Hits; Label: Philips
Bob Crewe - Chelsea Girls
Album: Music to Watch Birds By; Label: Bell
Milton DeLugg - Flipper
Album: The Man from UNCLE; Label: Metro
Gene Roddenberry Deforest Kelley - McCoy's RX for Life
Album: Star Trek; Label: Columbia
Sven Libaek - Main Title and Inner Space
Album: Inner Space; Label: Votary
Marty Paich - Swingers Holiday
Album: The Swinger (For Swingers Only); Label: RCA
Dave Grusin - Pit Stop
Album: Winning; Label: Decca
Johnny Pate - Chase Part 2
Album: Bucktown; Label: AIP
{N} Chris Anderson - Mr. Bojangles
Album: Delicate Balance; Label: Amco
Vinnie Bell - Nikki
Album: Airport Love Theme; Label: Decca
Jack Costanzo - El Diablito
Album: Mr. Bongo has Brass; Label: Zephyr
{N} Harley Hatcher Happening - I'm Runnin'
Album: A Bullet For Pretty Boy; Label: AIP
Dick Hyman Mary Mayo - Isn't It Odd
Album: Moon Gas; Label: MGM
101 Strings - Whiplash
Album: The Sounds of Love; Label: Alshire
Adomono - La Macarena
Album: Donn Beach Presents - A Night at the Beachcomber; Label: Decca
Quincy Jones - Rack 'em Up
Album: The Pawnbroker; Label: Mercury
Air Date: 
September 9, 2011

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