9/7/2011 Echo Chamber


Continuing the Echo Chamber 15th Anniversary festivities, pulling in some artists we missed last week - including Arrogalla, Subatomic Sound System, Thomas Blondet, Vibronics, Citizen Sound, Dubblestandart, and Easy Star All Stars. On top of this we had brand new releases from Zion Train:http://www.wobblyweb.com/zt/state-of-mind.html, Funk Dub Division:http://www.myspace.com/funkdubdivision, Victoria Moralez:http://www.victoriamoralez.com, Ras Amerlock, Luisa Maita, Indigenous Resistance, and more. Finally, we included another mix (TDZ #101) from The Dub Zone, Pete Cogle's fantastic podcast series.

Playlist Tracks: 
*Funk Dub Division - Sirius Dub
Album: The Imports; Label: ESA Productions/Mrodontoid
*Zion Train - Share the Flame ( feat. Jaz'min Tutum)
Album: State of Mind; Label: Universal Egg
Juakali - One of Those Nights
Album: Dreadbass Soundsystem; Label: Foreign Familiar
*Victoria Moralez - Bling Blong Ding Dong
Album: Translucent; Label: Self Release
*Ras Amerlock - Ride On (feat. Brother Culture)
Album: Dub^2; Label: Libre Comme Lair
*JAHlix - Angry Lion Dubplate
Album: N/A; Label: soundcloud.com
*B. Riddim - Well Come Dub
Album: Generation Dub EP; Label: Monkey Dub Recordings
*Malena Perez - Confession (instrumental)
Album: Confession single; Label: Cubanita Groove
Josh Heinrichs - Your Recipe
Album: free single; Label: GanJah Records
Longfingah Dub Engineers - Tenement Dub
Album: Coo Ya Now; Label: MK Zwo
Mungo's Hi-Fi - Jah Come to I (feat. Brother Culture)
Album: A Dubber's Guide v.a.; Label: Dubhead/Shiver
Thomas Blondet - Echo Chamber (feat. Zeebo)
Album: Echo Chamber EP; Label: Rhythm Culture Recordings
Ian Bederman - The 5th Day
Album: Off Harvest; Label: Self Release
Soldiers of Jah Army (S.O.J.A.) - Peace in a Time of War
Album: Peace in a Time of War; Label: Soldiers of Jah Army
***TDZ #101 Mix Start *** Steenkoud - Dreams Be Dreams
Album: N/A; Label: reggaedubwise.com
Kunta Estudio - Memorias Instrumental
Album: N/A; Label: Jamendo.com
Bob Sinclair vs. Breaking Up Riddim - Dub For You
Album: N/A; Label: Neblina Sound
Ashley - Summer Dub
Album: N/A; Label: reggaedubwise.com
Guitoud - Chalice
Album: Conscious Rasta; Label: Fresh Poulp
Mackadub - Syncronistic Riddim
Album: Conscious Rasta; Label: reggaedubwise.com
Shan-A-Shan - Hope Dub
Album: N/A; Label: dubark.com
Killasoundyard - New Home
Album: N/A; Label: reggaedubwise.com ***TDZ #101 Mix End ***
Arrogalla - Oi Till You Want
Album: Exotic Animals in the Scrub; Label: LibreCommeLair
Subatomic Sound System - Crucial Times
Album: Crucial Times; Label: Subatomic Sound
*Luisa Maita - Fulaninha
Album: Maita Remixed; Label: Cumbancha Records
*Indigenous Resistance - Sacred Power (Dr. Das Ragga Mix)
Album: Dubversive; Label: Indigenous Resistance
Citizen Sound - Tuff Dub (instrumental.)
Album: Tuff Dub single; Label: citizensound.ca
Master Margherita - Mode Un (Hi-Fi Mix
Album: Swiss Dub vol 1; Label: MikelaBella
Vibronics - Critical
Album: Dub Splitz Part 5 - Scent of Philosophy Chap. 1; Label: Dub Flash
Greyhound - Wappadusa
Album: Leave the Reggae to Us; Label: Mercury
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Sun Fish Dub
Album: Justa Record compilation vol. 1; Label: Justa-Cutting Edge-Cherry Red
Blackbeard - Electrocharge
Album: I Wah Dub; Label: More Cut/EMI
Blue Cheer - Babaji (Twilight) Raga
Album: BC5 - The Original Human Being; Label: Philips
Easy Star All Stars - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Album: Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band; Label: Easy Star
Macdonald Duck Eclair - The Yellow Go
Album: short short; Label: Usagi Chang
The Selecter - Black and Blue
Album: Too Much Pressure; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
Vibronics - Let His Name Be Praised (Right Phase Dub)
Album: Scoops 031 single 'b'; Label: Scoops
Earlyworm - Walking Stick
Album: Revolutionary Dub Vibrations chap. 1; Label: Self Release
Dubblestandart - Optimism - Oxygene Pt. 4 (Dub) ft. David Lynch Lee Scratch Perry
Album: Marijuana Dreams; Label: Echo Beach
Col. Elliott the Lunatics - Approaching Earth
Album: Interstellar Reggae Drive; Label: Trojan
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - (bumper) (most of) World Ska Beach (mixed by Blackbeard!)
Album: Sunny Side of the Street; Label: Avex
Air Date: 
September 7, 2011