9/2/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Ruben - Carry Me
Album: Slow Bleed/ Let It Start; Label: s/r
The Half Hearts - Frank Hate
Album: Uptown Sound; Label: s/r
Eric Moeckel - Lost
Album: Presenting; Label: s/r
Como Ave Jug Band - Lulu
Album: The Essential; Label: s/r
Buffalo Moon - Jamba Samba
Album: Wet Suit; Label: Moon Glyph
Peter Lang - Muggy Friday
Album: Prime Cuts; Label: Waterhouse
Sunny Era - A Cold Calculation
Album: The Darkness of Love; Label: s/r
Charlie Parr - Cheap Wine
Album: Old Stage Tapes; Label: Turf Club
Claps - Wreck
Album: Wreck; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Patches and Gretchen - Big Things
Album: Sugar Head Pie; Label: Sand Paper Tounge
Falcon Arrow - Amateur Law Enforcement
Album: Axehandle Hound; Label: s/r
Elven Theif - Hot Morning
Album: Elven Theif; Label: s/r
Dark Dark Dark( M. Dosh Remix) - All The Things
Album: 7 single; Label: supply and Demand
Lighted - Ascent of Mt. World
Album: Queendom; Label: Lighten Up Sounds
Colin Gorman Weiland - Despair and Confusion
Album: Price of Leather; Label: Downwards
Gypsy - Bad Whore (The Machine)
Album: Unlock The Gates; Label: RCA
Dragnet - Love Is Green
Album: Life In General; Label: Whittier Records
Tom Bright - I Know What You Want
Album: Torture Land; Label: Blackberry Way
The 99ers - St. Paul Girls
Album: Everybody's Rockin; Label: Spinout Records
Larry Wish and his Guys - NINDPAW
Album: The Man Who Even Had A Gun; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Air Date: 
September 2, 2011

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