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21 Pounds in 21 Days - Martha Vineyard Diet Detox

Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox is not a traditional diet, but a detoxification program designed both to "cleanse" the body and cause weight loss.

Author Roni DeLuz, a registered nurse, colon hydrotherapis and naturopathic doctor says she created the liquid diet when she was trying to heal herself.

Participants cleanse their bodies by drinking liquids every two hours. They choose from a limited number of options including water, homemade soups, juices made from fruits and vegetables, and powdered antioxidant berry and green drinks.

This is an important conversation for those interested in detoxification.

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Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
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Rocky Robbins - I Believe In Love
Album: I Believe In Love; Label: Zyx Music
Roni DeLuc - Martha Vineyard Diet Detox
Topics: Detoxification of our bodies through maximum nutrition
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August 29, 2011

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